Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Annoying #hashtag Things


I for one think it's hilarious. But some people don't. I saw this article posted today about how all these issues "are more of an embarrassment to Americans than it is for Russia." Ummmmm, NO. This is totally an embarrassment to a government and olympic committee where the only word you ever hear describing them is corrupt. When has Russia ever NOT been considered corrupt? The writer of the article is choosing to be offended thinking that all these tweeters are attacking all those harmless Russian civilians that live there, which is obviously not the case.

I don't hate Russians. The ones I have met are incredibly nice. Same with Romanians. But the one things these countries have in common is complete corruption. I think that's why I think #SochiProblems are so funny, because all those crazy mishaps like several toilets in one stall, wires strewn about in hotel hallways, spray painting the grass outside the stadium, and so many other things left unfinished are things that are totally realistic for that area of the world.

Nope, #SochiProblems is not an embarrassment to America. We've managed to budget time and money to finish Olympic Prep many times, even amid attempts at corruption/bribery/embezzlement, etc. All of that has become an all too accepted way of governing and planning in Russia. That's all there is to it.

Next hashtag: #foodporn
UUGGGHHH I can't stand it. It seriously makes me so mad. Why do people think that comparing anything to porn is cool?

And you want to know what the most ironic thing is about all these supposed "#foodporn" pics? That the people that are using it are ones who take the worst photos of food possible! The pictures of food that you're like, "looking at that food makes me want to barf." Is that just me? Well, if it is, it must be all the pregnancy food aversions.

The only people that have perhaps earned the right to use that wretched hashtag are people like Pioneer Woman, but she is far too classy to ever do something like that. So can we please just stop with all the stupid hashtags with anything "porn" in them?? Thank you.

Last hashtag is one I made up. #pregancyguilttrip

Alright, so we all know being pregnant has its less than joyful moments: morning sickness, food aversions, just feeling gross a lot of the time. You get it. But honestly, the thing I'm starting to be most sick of is all the pregnancy guilt trips.

Most of this time it isn't even coming from people directly. It's all those studies on-line that are always like "this food item could possibly cause harm, but it's your choice." "Doing this activity might be bad, but it's not for sure, so it's your choice."

Great, so you tell me the horror stories and then tell me it's my choice. Talk about a guilt trip.

Then there are the things you could hear from other moms. "Are you having a natural birth? The drugs ruin the baby. But that's just my opinion." "Are you going to cloth diaper? No? You must hate your baby because disposables are terrible for their skin. But that's just how I feel about it."

Gee, thanks.

All the guilt tripping is getting old. I'm doing the best I can, people! And I know plenty of people who wore disposable diapers, or whose mothers had an epidural, or drank Dr. Pepper while pregnant, or ate deli meat, and they turned out JUST FINE. So let's just stop with the guilt trips.

And, that's about it for today. Thanks for reading!
xoxo Annie


  1. THANK YOU! I read that article a couple of hours ago and rolled my eyes. If you are not capable of properly hosting the world during the Olympics, don't make a bid for them.

  2. Isn't being pregnant the best?! Well it really is, but not when it's your first and you are paranoid about all that "poison" that can hurt the baby. I was considering a natural birth, but I wasn't against an epidural. I just wanted to feel some contractions and see how it was before I got the drugs. But people of course gave me opinions about how it's stupid and crazy to go natural when there are drugs. Every birth is different and things happen so I went with the epidural eventually. But seriously, people will give you an opinion whether you ask for it or not! And I always say, I recycle and try to be "green" but I'm going to fill up those landfills with disposable diapers! I couldn't do cloth, but I know people who can.

  3. Thanks for the guilt trip, Annie. I did all those things you mentioned while pregnant. :(

    I saw the same #SochiProblems article and thought the same thing. The amount of money Russia spent (25x more than Salt Lake) gave people higher expectations.

  4. Don't let anybody guilt trip you into anything! I ate deli meat, drank caffeine, and (gasp) ate sunny-side up eggs, oh and I went to Lagoon and rode all the rides before I found out I was pregnant with Addie. The thought of having a natural birth or doing cloth diapers never has or will cross my mind! You just have to do what is right for you and ignore everyone else's comments. You mentioned some of the less desirable effects of pregnancy, but I think that people's comments and opinions are on that list too. Something about a woman having a baby, she suddenly thinks she is an expert! Loved this post and I am so excited you!

  5. Well said on all three #. ;)
    On that last one, I recently found a book in the library that is awesome! (disclaimer: I'm not pregnant, but I thought it was interesting). It's called "Expecting Better" by Emily Oster, it's not your typical do this, don't do that book. And it's written by an econ. professor, so it was so different than any other book I've read. I'm not done with it yet and if it ends up being horrible, I'll tell you. But so far it's super interesting and has a wealth of info. It has a decent Goodreads rating too ;)

  6. Thanks for making me feel guilty for telling you about some of the extreme people out there. ;) I never felt like people were pushing their beliefs on me or judging me because I loved my epidural. I just did what I felt was right and asked my dr about any of the gray areas.

    1. For the record, I don't feel judged by people. I just feel like all these different things I have to decide are giving me a massive guilt trip of trying to make the right choices. People have been very supportive, just over eager to share their personal opinions.

  7. Annie, you are great! Keep writing! Love you.

  8. I was just getting caught up on your blog and I missed the pregnancy announcement. Congrats!!! Oh, and get use to the guilt. It only gets worse once the kid is hear. Don't think about giving a bottle, letting them cry it out, leaving the house without a bow in the hair, feeding rice cereal etc etc etc without somebody having something to say about it. Somehow we don't care about being a good mom, just a better one than you :)

  9. Oh and my boobs never hurt. Your on your own there ;)

  10. I laughed outloud when I read your post earlier and had to come back to tell you I'm still chuckling. You crack me up. And I am so with you on the food porn. Disgusting.
    PS: I ate whatever the heck I wanted and look at John Shea!! I think what's worse than eating deli meat is the STRESS of wondering what will happen if you do. So I just stopped reading and listening to what I should and shouldn't do, and went with common sense. Sounds like you're doing the same. :)