Monday, January 15, 2018

A New Year: Taking Care of My Skin

As part of my last post, I wanted to share another part of my New Year's goals. I was noticing in December that my skin really was not looking or feeling good. Blotchy, bags under my eyes, and chapped lips (that's probably dry Utah ha). So I was realizing that I really need to take better care of my skin--more than a splash of water in the mornings and evenings.

The first part of this goal (also part of my fitness goals) is to drink waaaay more water. I know hydration is the best for your skin. And then after that, I have started routinely using some amazing products my sister introduced me to: The Spirit Goat.

All of their products are made locally in Logan, Utah, and all naturally as well. The facial bar soap, white tea toner, and the goats milk soap and lotion is really what has been a game changer for my face. I never cared much before about the "all natural" stuff, but I am a believer now!

I went crazy on my visit to the actual store, because everything is fantastic. I got some lip balms as well, and I have seen such an improvement. I'm so glad they ship since I don't get to Logan often. 
The scent "Awakening" for soap and lotion is amazing. 
^^also helping with the bags^^

I seriously recommend them. Since regularly using their stuff for the past month, my skin has improved so much. I don't even put on foundation or concealer on anymore, and my skin is so soft. I'm obsessed!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A New Year

I've had a couple experiences within the last few days that have really prompted and excited me to actually make some New Years Resolutions. Everyone does it, and so it all sounds pretty cliche, but never I have felt more prompted and motivated to actually think about the reset that I need.

The first experience was last week I went to the temple by myself, and I had to wait about 45 minutes. When they told me that it would be that long, I shamefully thought how in the world am I going to pass that time?? I don't even have my phone! Bad, I know. It really was a wake up call that I need to more regularly focus my time to solely do something like study the scriptures. Those 45 minutes of waiting turned out to be a great study time, with no distractions.

Then on the long drive home to California, I caught up on my podcast listening. I had quite a few personal epiphanies, and I want to write about them, but not here. So I ordered a new journal for the first time in YEARS (bad, I know) to write about those personal things.

The podcast that was filled with so much amazing stuff was this one:

Shawn Achor's insights weren't anything super groundbreaking, but they reinforced things that I know I should be doing more of to feel happier. I highly recommend listening to it. Especially at this beginning of a new year.

So I bought my journal, and I joined the YMCA yesterday (I needed the no excuse mentality of a gym that provides childcare haha), and I stocked my fridge with lots of healthy stuff. I am such a cliche for New Years ha. But it really was necessary.

I have some other goals for 2018, but they are things that are kind of uncertain. But the physical and mental health and happiness of my body is something I am in complete control of. So that really needs to be my focus. I'm excited to see the changes.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Things I'm Loving Lately

It's been a while since I've done one of these so I thought I'd share little things I've been loving lately!

First up: Annie Sloan chalk paint. I've been painting up a storm and sharing my projects with the new house and it's been so fun thanks to chalk paint! No sanding or priming. Just two coats and some wax and there you go. I love it. Here are some of my favorite projects:
 And what am I doing while I am painting? Or driving in the car? Podcasts! I'm late to the game, I know. But ever since we moved down here and I find myself being in the car for longer stretches than before just doing regular things, I have discovered podcasts and I love them. My all time favorite is Oprah, of course. She has had some incredible interviews and she talks about beautiful, spiritual things: most of the time I end up in tears. Favorites: Tracy Morgan, Nate Berkus, and Joe Biden.

Other podcasts I alternate with Oprah are the Young House Love podcast for some more lighthearted content, and the LDS Perspectives. LOVE the one with Fiona Givens, which brings me to my next love:

The God Who Weeps. Started it and never finished, so I am starting again and really loving it. A great read, but it's rich, so it takes time.

Next up are some food items I am loving. If you haven't tried these oreos, get thee to a walmart! They sure are yum. And for a girl who is trying to cut back on sugar but still craves soda badly, cherry coke zero is a win.

Next: Taylor Swift's new cd. I had open expectations for this album since I did not like the first single she released. But you guys, it's good! Also loving Miley's new cd too.

And lastly, for some good period drama, I finally have watched Victoria on amazon prime and LOVED it. Can't wait for season 2. I am a long time lover of period drama. Part of this favorites list includes the instagram account "period_dramas." Love the girl that runs this account. If you are a fan, you should follow. She has given some great recommendations!

Last on my list are Oceanside sunsets: they have been so gorgeous lately.
 These were taken on the same night! So beautiful.

Anyway, let me know little things you're loving so I can try!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Halloween with the Von Castros

 Guten tag! Hope you had a good Halloween last week. It's safe to say we had a much better Halloween than last year. J was so into it. I asked him about a month before what he wanted to be and he replied "the Muffin Man!" (not from Shrek. From the actual nursery song haha) Anyway Victor bought these adorable liederhosen for the boys in Austria this summer, so I may have told him that's how a muffin man dresses. Good thing he loved it too.

And since I can't resist it seems, I made it a family affair with my Captain. We have the sons and the gazebo...just are missing the 4 daughters ha. Oh well! Our backyard is alive, with the Sound of Music!

I got my skirt from Germany last summer, and I made this vest. For Victor's costume, I got the jacket from goodwill and pinned some Soviet pins I had. Shhhh don't say anything ha. His hat is just from amazon. The only way I will keep doing family costumes is if it's easy and cheap. 
 ^^the Captain trying to keep them in line with his whistle^^
 There were sooo many Halloween festivities this year. Too much candy. First the ward trunk or treat. J and Lucy here look like their costume is Hansel and Gretel. So cute.
 Then we had a trunk or treat for Victor's work. That was pretty fun. And then of course, actual Halloween trick or treating with our friends, which started with such a gorgeous sunset. There have been a lot of them lately!
 Happy Halloween! So long, farewell, auf wiedersen, good night!

Monday, October 16, 2017

My J Says

 Ever since J turned 3, his talking has exploded! He talks so much now and I'm amazed at how he just picks up on proper grammar and usage. He obviously isn't perfect, but it's just so cool to see little kids just pick up languages! And I love hearing what comes out of his mouth, so I have been jotting things down and I want to put them all down here in one place. I love this kid sooooo much.
"Mommy I sick. I have the hiccups."
When I gave Dominic medicine for a cold. In other words he wanted some medicine too.

"Mommy I sick I'm in a bad mood."
Also when Dom was sick and I had said earlier he was in a bad mood.

"Where Papi go?"
"To work, J"
"Mommy I no want you go to work."
Oh, my heart!

"Mommy hear me!!"
What he says when he wants me to listen

"Yes mommy, you way strong!"
"Mommy, you way tall!"

"I go in privacy, go away!"
Potty training conversations

"Don't say 'come here puppies.' Say 'come here J and Dommic."

"I want some of your snuggles."

"No want to smell something!"
When we were driving through a smelly area ha

And one of my favorites
"Mommy, why you eat all this pie? It going to make you a tummy ache like the hungry caterpillar."

It was only one slice of pie in my defense. He is something.

Friday, September 15, 2017

I Made A Table!

Alternate subject line: I helped my friend's husband build me this table. If we are being accurate. This has been something I've wanted to try and do, and he was like "then do it! when are you going to do it?" He even came to Home Depot with me to pick out everything--that just shows how clueless both Victor and I are when it comes to these things ha. So thanks again, Keyla and Geoff for your help!

This table was definitely a learning experience. It's not perfect, and it is not a "forever" table. Pretty sure it will get its wear and tear. But it was a fun learning experience, and for the time being, it's nice to have a farmhouse table that only cost about $150 total. But if I were to invest in all the stuff you need to make a table, that would up the cost a tonnnnn. I can't believe all the types of saws and stuff you need. 

Progress shots
 I loved how the wood looked all sanded down. I didn't want to stain it! 
  But I'm happy with it. And I'm so happy to have a designated dining room! I love having a real space to have people over for dinner. I hardly hosted people in our tiny cottage because it was just so small to. Now that we are getting settled, I hope to change that.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Welcome to the World" Baby Shower for Brooke

I am grateful for time to spend in Utah so we can plan get togethers like this. My good friend Brooke (and next door neighbor growing up) is having her first baby! She had baby Hudson a couple weeks ago. So back in July, Me, Kelsy and my sister Jennifer hosted a shower for her. I always love putting together these things and it was fun doing it with Jenn and Kelsy. Once the shower started, I got no pictures which I'm so bummed about! I guess that means we were all having too good a time to remember. But Jenn got the one pic below of Brooke getting some food. 

Brooke and Roman like to travel, and their adorable nursery is airplane/exploring inspired, so I loved doing this cute theme for the shower. It's so fun and easy to decorate for. I just used maps around the house and borrowed some globes from my sisters. I made the map buntings from those free AAA Road maps. And I found that awesome vintage suitcase from the D.I. 
^^Jenn made the super cute clouds and airplane mobiles^^
^^My other neighbor growing up now is an awesome cookie designer and did these for us. Love^^
 ^^And Kelsy did the adorable favors^^

Congrats on your beautiful boy, Brooke and Roman!