Thursday, April 28, 2011

They've Invaded!!

Spring term at BYU is generally very pleasant. Provo is less crowded, campus isn't full of crazies like it usually tends to be, and the mood is just quiet, lovely, and relaxed: except for those two dark days when it all is interrupted.


Even as I write this from a secluded spot where I was sure they wouldn't be, I can see them from the window, and I can hear them downstairs. They're everywhere. Don't even try to go into the Bookstore. You will be stampeded by crazy crafty women who are storming in to stock up on Mommy Mormon supplies and plowing down the line to buy their pounds of BYU fudge and brownies. A girl in my class told me that the amount of brownies consumed in these two days alone totals how many are consumed in the entire semester. This is disgusting. This discourages me from ever attending Women's Conference because my dignity just can't handle being classed as one of "those women."

I know, I know. This is not how they all are. Some are actually here for spiritual enlightenment and maybe don't even set foot in the bookstore. And I appreciate them, although I can never tell them because our paths won't cross, which is a good thing.

All this talk is making me crave a mint brownie. Not until next week. Sigh.


  1. yeah try having to wait in line at the cannon center to make a reservation for your mom and her friend to stay in the dorms. it was a madhouse in there!

  2. ...Don't forget all the chocolate covered cinnamon bears that are purchased as well! We tried to convince our boss at the RB to let us use our golf cart to make some money and give women rides from the parking lot up the hill. I'm sure we would have made millions!