Friday, December 9, 2011

useless picture series

You know those photos that you love for some reason, but that you'll never really do anything with, because they're basically useless? here is one of them.
The reason why I love this picture is because I really like the way the back of my hair looked that day. How's that for shallow. But what good is a picture of the back of my head??

Also, that's Toni Morrison in the picture---that is another reason why I like this useless photo. I got to meet her! But she didn't have time to take an "official" photo---thus the useless back of the head picture.

Here's another one I came across the other day
I'm going to be shallow again. I look at this picture and go, "man, my hair and rear end looked good!" Don't tell me you don't do this either with pictures of yourself. I just love this side shot of my dress huggin' my bum, so sue me. But my face looks silly, and Victor's kind of does too. So what can we do with this picture? Nothing, I'm afraid. Just look at it years down the road and admire my young figure.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me. If you have any photos like this you should share.
Happy weekend!


  1. before I scrolled down to the caption on the first photo I thought "man, Annie's hair looks gereat!" Great minds think alike:)

  2. That is way cool you got to meet Toni Morrison! Also, I have a few pictures where I also love my figure. :) You are great!

  3. Ha! I love this post. And it is a nice side shot of you. :)