Monday, September 24, 2012

Labor Day Weekend!

I'm totally going back in time here, so forgive me.

We spent Labor Day weekend with Victor's family in NYC. We had a great time this year going to Coney Island in Brooklyn and beaching it and then hitting up the rides in the evening. When all is said and done, we probably would have been better off heading to the Jersey Shore as far as beach quality goes, because the beach at Coney Island wasn't the best. But we weren't in the mood to sit in traffic, so Coney Island it was. But as far a people watching is concerned, Coney Island wins. What a trip that was. Human behaviors baffle me sometimes. 
My mother in law is a natural model. 

 We also made sure to hit up "Nathan's" Hotdogs on the boardwalk. There are so many Nathan's chains now, but I still had never had a Nathan's hotdog. The hotdogs were pretty tasty, but as far as famous New York hotdogs go, my favorite is still definitely Grey's Papaya. And then, of course, a trip to the beach isn't quite complete without funnel cake.
 And what is a day at the beach in Brooklyn without a Mariachi band?
Later that evening, we felt compelled to ride The Cyclone, mostly because of a Seinfeld episode. Are you surprised? Well, this inspiration came from the second funniest episode of Seinfeld, which you can watch right here. 

The moral of the story is that this roller coaster was PAINFUL. Don't ever ride it. I felt like I got in a car crash from the whiplash, and my father in law was bed ridden the next morning from a painful back. Yeah, not cool. But the other rides were fun. 
 So, I would say it was definitely a successful weekend.

Happy belated Labor Day.

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  1. What a fun weekend! I need to watch that Seinfeld episode again. I very clearly remember the part about Elaine getting stuck in the Subway on her way to the Lesbien wedding, but I don't remember the Cyclone.

    P.S. Love the swimsuit.