Thursday, July 4, 2013

Returning to Romania

When we first moved to Okinawa, Victor was informed of an opportunity to further his upkeep of his language abilities (he gets paid to stay fluent in Romanian), and so he decided to apply for it. The worst thing that could happen is they say no, right? And, they accepted his application! So, after some planning and a few hiccups, here we are. So blessed to be able to return to Romania a second time since we lived here during our missions. Victor flew out before me, and I was so glad to finally meet up with him after a LONG journey by myself to get here. 
^^^a few of my favorite things^^^
^^^trouble! love these little pastries^^^
The feelings I experience as I arrive again in Romania make me so happy. It's not the same feelings I have as I travel to a new place, which is usually anticipation and excitement. Rather, it's the same way I feel when I go back to my home state: the feeling of being home. Nothing over the top or bursting with excitement. Just a comforting calm feeling of being here before: being home. It's a wonderful feeling. Like I said, getting here was a long journey. I had a long miserable layover in Shanghai which is an extremely foreign place in general. I was so happy to finally be getting on a plane with Romanians headed to Bucharest. It wasn't foreign like being in Shanghai. It was familiar.

Victor feels the same way and we are both so happy to be able to come back. We love this place. We love our friends here. I am loving the shopping. Victor is loving the food. And we both are loving how cheap everything is! Definitely not in Japan anymore.

Happy July, and Happy Independence Day! Unfortunately there is really nothing going on here in celebration of it which is a shame because I love this holiday, but I'll take the opportunity to be in Romania instead: there's always next year for a bbq and fireworks.

xoxo Annie


  1. This is great ! How long will you be staying in Romania and where ?

  2. The stone-paved streets and sidewalk cafes look so much like those in Poland.

  3. If you had a life soundtrack the song "it's a charmed life...." be definitely on it :) I love to read all about your travels all over the world.

  4. guys are the cutest. Can we do a double date in Romania?! I want to go back.... Lets make this happen. We love the Castros :)