Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Sunday from Cape Chinen

This weekend the city of Nanjo hosted the Okinawa Herb Festival. A whole festival dedicated to herbs?? Oh, Okinawa, I love how you celebrate everything. I'm serious. As I share this post for my "Happy Sunday" series, I was thinking of how coming here to this beautiful park on the ocean to look at herbs could be applied to what I usually write about on my Happy Sunday posts: celebrating God and this beautiful earth. 

I realize now how much the Okinawans teach me about being grateful. They remind me and make me more aware of the wonderful things of this earth like herbs. 

My favorite holiday is this week, and today at church we heard wonderful talks about gratitude. So that's what is on my mind. I just have so much to be grateful for. I don't participate in the daily sharing of things on facebook because I don't like over posting that much and clogging your feed, but let it be known that I AM GRATEFUL. Grateful for my life, for my God, for my family, and for so many more things.  

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! I love you all. And I am grateful for you too. 


  1. Annie is wearing pants? Omg

    Everything is so beautiful. Utah now looks dead. No leaves or snow.

  2. Seriously, how is that place real? An herb festival sounds amazing.