Friday, September 5, 2014

Cliche Mom Things I Shall Not Say

...not this month anyway.
"How is my baby one month old?? I can't believe it's been one month already!!"

--I can. It's been possibly the longest month of my life. A great month, but a loooong month.

"Where has the time gone? He's one month old already!"

--I know where the time has gone. Lots of sleep lost and lots and lots of feeding the baby. Sweet moments that I do cherish, don't get me wrong, but it is quite the adjustment.

Well... that's about it.
Because all the other cliche things about how they change so fast and how I want him to stay this little and cuddly forever are absolutely and completely true.
I never expected to enjoy the newborn stage as much as I have.
I love snuggling with him, and I love how easy he is to just cart around to stores, restaurants, etc.
I love how he knows who I am, and even if I am just a milkmaid to him right now,
I love that he stops crying for me when I scoop him up into my arms.

So put all those cliches in your pipe and smoke it. I love my little cuddly guy, and it's been quite the month.


  1. I agree that the first month was the longest (and maybe hardest) month of my life, BUT, you will be saying those things as the months go on this first year. He is too cute. I wish I could cuddle up his cuteness!

  2. He is so adorable!
    My daughter is 21 months and just recently the "where has the time gone" Has gotten really bad, I look at baby pictures of her and see that she isn't a baby anymore. It's crazy how fast it goes once it's gone. That sounds so cliche :)

  3. As expected, your baby is ADORABLE!