Friday, May 8, 2015

Golden Week Dragon Boat Races

At the end of Golden Week in Okinawa, they have their big Dragon Boat Races at the main port in Naha. This year I was finally able to see some races and it was lots of fun. Even more fun, because we got to see the Navy Womens team compete. My friend Mickelle and I both knew a few people on the team and it just makes it so fun to cheer for people you know. 

It was so fun seeing everyone cheer each other on. Japanese teams were high fiving the American participants and other competitors. 
The Navy team warming up

 These sweet girls LOVE Baby J. And he loves them. We are going to miss them!
And they're off! The Navy team is in the middle and shortly after this was taken, they took the lead and smashed the competition to win the race. All their hard work paid off.

Happy Golden Week from Japan!

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