Monday, July 4, 2016

5 Years of Marriage! Baby Free Trip! Deutschland!

We have had a few really crazy weeks of traveling the last 3 weeks because victor had the longest break from school of the entire year. We definitely didn't waste it. We were crazy and drove 12 hours overnight to my parents in Utah and 2 hours after we arrived we got on a flight to New Jersey to spend time with Victor's family. Those flights with two babies was the hardest thing ever!!

Then the next day, we decided to test our luck of getting on a military space a flight out of McGuire Air Force Base in Jersey. My mother in law who is so amazing was willing to watch the boys so we were prepared and willing to go to the first flight we could get on! 

Funny side story: at this point, Victor said "I don't know if I want to get on another flight so soon after all that." I quickly responded "but we won't have babies! If you want to sleep on the flights you can!" That was such a novelty for us. I haven't traveled without a baby for almost two years now!

So anyway, the first flight we tried for and got on was to Germany. So we said auf wiedersein to the U.S. and headed out...after they made us get off the plane for a few hours and then after a brief stop in England. Because it's space a, and that's how it goes. 

First stop (after we spent the night at the base and then rented a car) was Munich! We loved Munich. It was so lovely and it just seemed like everyone there was having a good time. Probably thanks to the several huge beer halls and beer gardens and a big festival in the center of the city serving tons of beer. Are you seeing a pattern here?? Ha!
We went to the famous Hofbrau Haus and it was so fun! Live music, lively atmosphere, and really happy people making toasts and bursting into cheers and songs. Victor and I thought it was so funny how German people seemed so stern but get them in a beer garden and they are the opposite! We toasted to our five years with our non alcoholic beer which was gross--but we still had a great time. 
Some of our other German adventures included going out to the Eagles Nest: Hitler's mountain chalet that was gifted to him by the Nazis. It was so high up in the mountains that we were literally in the clouds. So we missed he fantastic view which we were bummed about.
^the tunnel to get to Hitlers elevator to get up to the house. If you've seen Band of Brothers you would recognize this. 
The town of Berchtesgaden was so cute.
At the end of our time in Germany we also went to Neunshwanstein Castle, which has been on my bucket list for a while! It was so cool driving up to it. The castle and the town seriously were out of a fairytale.
That's the neighboring castle to Neunshwanstein. It's so beautiful as well but the King of Bavaria was definitely in competition to have the grander castle! 

Next up is Austria! Just looking back on these photos is making me happy again because it was such a fun time being adventurous with my husband which is my favorite thing to do with him! It was such a treat to have this time with just the two of us. 

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  1. Looks so great! (Although reading about all the traveling exhausted me!)