Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Very Happy Sunday

Let me tell you something: we have 1:30 church and it. is. rough. But we have learned to cope, and it's not nearly as bad as it used to be. Today was a great Sunday, thanks to these genius toys my friend Jaqui gave me, and thanks to a crock pot meal ready to eat as soon as we came home, and most importantly, thanks to the fact that Dominic got to go to NURSERY today!!! We even got out of the house for a beautiful little walk out in Carmel before bedtime. The cherry on top. 
THIS BOY. He was ecstatic to finally join his brother in nursery, and he was ecstatic that we let him do this easy walk all on his own. I think he is feeling so grown up. 

So hard to get a picture with both of them these days. Especially outside. They just want to explore. 
 And how cute is this?? I had an extra copy of Pride and Prejudice in my backseat so I swapped it out for something else. I want one in my yard!

So grateful for Sundays like these. We haven't had a lot this year with two crazy little boys. And honestly, there were a few times when I questioned if it was worth it to keep taking them to church for the full three hours every week. But I see things getting better. I see them slowly starting to see why we go. And there are lots of people who always encourage us saying how they are proud of us that we don't just pick up and leave when the boys act up. I'm so grateful for these little moments of encouragement.

Anyway, hope you had a happy Sunday, and here's to a new week!

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