Thursday, December 2, 2010

'Tis the Season!

Christmas time is officially here. Holla! I thought about making this month's "blogging goal" to not write crazy rants about anything. But sometimes that makes things less interesting. But who can think of writing crazy rants right now when the world is so wonderful and full of holiday lights and decorations and snow? Then again, finals haven't happened yet, so there is still time.

I love the Christmas season for so many reasons including the decorations, the lights, the traditions, the treats and food people bring to you, the parties (especially the work ones, which is weird, but I think it's because you get to chill with the people you work with and not actually worry about working. That's fun), and I love how everybody just seems to be in a better mood, except for the Scrooges, but even they make the season fun because then you can feel like you are living in your own real-life Christmas Carol.

But the two things that really put me in the Christmas mood are the movies and the music. I love 'em. And while I usually can't handle the extreme cheesiness in the rest of the year, Christmas time is an exception, except for some really horrible stuff, which ironically is usually country holiday songs: example of the day: that Christmas shoes song. Yuck.

So my movie recommendation of the day from my list of best Christmas movies is:
White Christmas is a perfect movie to help put you in a holiday mood. Go out and watch it today.

But my latest discovery this year has been that one of my fav singers, Sufjan Stevens, has not one, not two, but FIVE Christmas albums! And they are legit. I am sharing with you today one of my new fav Christmas songs called "The Friendly Beasts." I don't know how long this song has been around, but my dad played me a version of it by Brian Stokes Mitchell with the MoTab, and I wasn't crazy about it because it was pretty silly. But Sufjan's version is really sweet in showing that even the animals rejoiced in the birth of Christ. And this video is adorable.

Anyway, happy beginning of the Christmas season, everybody. I love you all!

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  1. I will be really sad this month without any "crazy rants" from Annie! I always get excited when I see a new post from you.

    PS. Christmas ROCKS!