Monday, May 2, 2011

The Good Part of Saturday

I met one of my favorite people.

What a nice guy. He hosted a Lucky Brand fashion show in Salt Lake City, and being a Lucky fan myself, I enjoyed every look that came down the "runway" aka the stage set up outside the store. More importantly, he gave very important fashion tips that we all should apply in our lives. Like, if you wear tight pants, wear a loose shirt with it. If you are wearing a tight shirt, wear loose pants, etc. "If everything is tight, you look inappropriate. If everything is loose, you look like an unmade bed."

So true. Many a girl at BYU can benefit from a good talking to from Tim.

He then held a book signing, which is where the first photo was taken. He was talkative and friendly, and it was a good time all around. Now I have three new items to add to my collection of favorite stuff: a new pair of Lucky jeans, a copy of "Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Lessons to Making it Work," and my official photo with Tim Gunn, which already has a reserved spot on the mantle next to my wedding photos.

Love you Tim.

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  1. I love Tim too!! he reminds me of my previous boss who I love too... lucky you got to meet him! I should buy his book.