Friday, July 15, 2011

Forget about being baby hungry...

These are my neighbors dogs. Every time you pull up, they pop their heads up simultaneously and greet you. It makes me melt!! Don't you just love them?! I've named them Old Dan and Little Ann.

(side story about the dogs' names. my parents have been in town and they were smitten by these cute puppies as well. I said about their names, referring to Where the Red Fern Grows, "isn't it Big Dan and Little Ann?" My dad got all defensive and was like "you think I don't know Where the Red Fern Grows?!" Mind you, it's like his favorite book of all time, so he gets very defensive about it, apparently. Never read it? Do it now. It's a wonderful book.)

Anyway, back to the puppies: I WANT ONE.

Seriously, I have wanted a dog for a while now, and the yearnings just get stronger and stronger. I guess I know what it's like for all those women who yearn to be mamas. But right now for me, I just want to be a puppy mama!! So stay tuned, I guess.

Happy weekend. Loves, Annie


  1. I have a feeling if you beg Victor for one, he'll cave. I want a miniture golden retriever; they're my weakness. :)

  2. It is indeed Old Dan and Little Ann. So what kind of puppy are you getting?

  3. Whoever took that picture must be a great photograher!!

  4. I want a puppy really bad too. It would be crazy to have one in our apartment though.

  5. They definitely get you ready for a baby. Puppies are hard work and my puppy tries my patience. I hope you get one! They are fun to cuddle with and so darn cute. Victor? Your wife wants a puppy!

  6. 20 bucks says that husband of yours will get you one if you whine one more time