Monday, August 8, 2011

How to have a good weekend in these parts

Eat Afghan food for the first time: it did not disappoint.

Make the husband take you to see "Crazy Stupid Love" or, as he called it, "Punch Stupid Love"--I think he was confusing the movies "Punch Drunk Love" with "Crazy Stupid Love." Anyway, I liked it. I really like Emma Stone and I am so excited for "The Help" on Wednesday!!

Visit the temple. It was beautiful and the best way to spend our afternoon.

Enjoy a yummy dessert, post temple trip. I always feel the compulsive need to go get ice cream or some kind of treat after going to the temple. It's something we always did when I was a teenager, so I still feel like it's mandatory. So we chose to go to Serendipity 3 in Georgetown. Word of advice: if you're like me and always wanted to go to the Serendipity in NYC thanks to girlie movies like "Serendipity" and "One Fine Day," just go to the one in DC instead. In New York, there is ALWAYS a 90 minute minimum wait. In DC, we got seated immediately on a Saturday evening, essentially for the same experience. 

Behold, the red velvet sunday. Very good and very rich. We couldn't quite finish it. Thus, my gross face!

 Go shopping in Georgetown. Umm, I have discovered a new favorite place and it is Georgetown! It's so lovely, and there's great shopping. We enjoyed some quality time in Urban Outfitters, where my husband felt compelled to call my brother-in-law to share the new phrases he learned from the "Dirty Russian" language book with the hope he would understand, and also Barnes and Noble, where we bought books to our hearts' content with all the giftcard money we got from the wedding.

Enjoy cupcakes with friends. Last week I whined about missing my favorite cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo. But for now, we have found a close competitor at Baked and Wired in Georgetown. Since we were still so full from Serendipity, we only bought one cupcake (lemon cake with raspberry frosting....YUM) and shared it on Sunday. Big mistake! We both wanted more! So thanks for the recommendation, Megan Runyan.

Anyway, it was a good weekend. Happy Monday.


  1. We discovered Georgetown the last day of our vacation to D.C. last Labor Day. I was so bummed we didn't go there sooner because I loved it (and by the time we got there my feet were throbbing from all the walking we did all week!) I did not know there was a Serendipity though. :( We discovered Georgetown Cupcakes, which were delish, but I wonder how they compare to Baked and Wired? I spent most of my shopping time at yours truley, H&M. Your weekend definitely beat mine on the fun scale. Miss you...

  2. The red velvet sundae looks sounds yummy!
    Alex and I love going to Urban Outfitters to look at all the funny stuff they have always..