Thursday, August 11, 2011

My husband, the packrat

After a month or so of my husband saying he would go through his crap taking over our guest room and his side of the room, I took the liberty of doing it for him. (In his defense, he actually has a job, and it's nice that he would choose to hang out with me when he gets home over cleaning).

So that's what I've been doing yesterday and today. And if it weren't for me, my husband would be someone that you will definitely be seeing on an episode of Hoarders in a few years. Victor is a perfect candidate because he keeps pointless things that he never uses but insists on keeping because of "sentimental" value. Lucky for him that I am here to be unrelenting and uncaring.

I exaggerate--I do care a little bit. But I think logically. Like, we don't need five Navy caps and sweat-stained white uniforms because a) you aren't in the Navy anymore, and b) unlike what you insist, no one is going to want to wear that for Halloween. And we won't be needing the Excedrin bottle with 2 pills left and the portable Wet Ones because it's not the end of the world and we can afford to buy a full bottle.
 This is only some of the crap in the closet that I am sifting through 

I like the feeling of dejunking. Especially when it's not with my own stuff, because even I, the uncaring one, can get a little sentimental about my stuff. But then someone like my mom will knock some sense into me. Like what I'm doing for my husband right now, I am only doing it out of love!! 

I really feel like I should take these skills and go work for Hoarders or something. Anyway, I have to get back to getting rid of my husband's stuff before he gets home from work!


  1. I am the same way you are, but Holli isn't really a packrat. I do love throwing things away though! It just feels so good. I think it is because I have moved a lot in my life and I hate moving stuff. So the less stuff the better in my mind!

  2. Been there done that! Tally got mad because I threw away some string. Seriously?! I guess it went to some yo-yo I already threw away...oops! Then he had a hard time parting with some jumpsuit uniform he wore for the Jr. High talent show, so I let him keep it at his parents house and now it's burned. Oops again! Guys need some level-headed wives to do this business for them I guess.

  3. I think if I didn't have a healthy dose of mom's genetics in me, I could be on Hoarders. I have had to stop myself many a time.

  4. um, why would you throw away 2 exedrin pills????