Thursday, October 20, 2011

little pick-me-ups

Today was a bleh day. The kind of day where you're just in a funk. You know what I mean. Thank you, t.o.m..

I've had these days many times before, so I have a pretty effective game plan on how to get through them.

First of all: hot showers. Showers work wonders for any personal or physical ailment.

Second: retail therapy. Lately, shopping for clothes hasn't been as fun as it used to: that's a whole other funk altogether! But I have enjoyed buying clothes for my husband--I never thought that kind of thing would ever happen. Anyway, I figured out how to break out of that funk: a trip to GOODWILL! I got a ton of cute things, and have no buyers remorse, because it was all less than 30 dollars. Sweet.

And third: cupcakes. This one is hard for me, because there are no good cupcake places around here, and even then, they don't satisfy me the way that my favorite cupcake place, The Sweet Tooth Fairy, does. So what's a girl to do?! 

And then, just like magic, I get a package in the mail from my sister. It was a pair of jeans that I accidentally had sent to her house--long story. So I was expecting the package, but I wasn't expecting this!!
the note is actually folded in half. it doesn't really "i'm grateful you're sorry it took so long."

Even if they arrived looking like that, I had no complaints. Yum yum yum. Perfect timing, Camille!

So that's what did it for me today. I still feel a little bleh, but there are still two things awaiting me tonight that will make me feel better: Project Runway, and sleep. Perfect.

If you have any other techniques for the bleh days, please share. Kthanks! Love, Annie


  1. Just yell random crap. Really loudly. That always works for me.

  2. Um, swings in the park! j/k only with me. And P.S. What a nice sister you have to send you your fav cupcakes! Miss you.

  3. looks like you had some nice finds! I want that buttoned lacy item- cardigan maybe? anyway, it looks cute. I was in a funk most of this week and exercise helped. And getting outside. The weather has been amazing.