Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gone to Carolina in My Mind

First of all, this post is not just about North Carolina, but how could I go to Carolina and not use a James Taylor song for my title??

Second of all, living on the east coast is awesome in that there are plenty of "weekend getaways." For our anniversary, we had a lot of options on where to go, but we decided to go down south to visit Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I was really craving a trip to the beach since the last time was the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon. I was so glad that Victor was able to get a long weekend so we could celebrate and relax. We really really love traveling and exploring together, so we take any chance we get to see new places. 

Virginia Beach is a much more bustling area, with a boardwalk, events, tons of restaurants, etc., which I really like because it reminds me of California. But at the Outer Banks, the beaches are quieter and much more natural. I loved both. The Outer Banks was so charming and beautiful.

In Virginia Beach, we were able to hang out with friends, which is always a pleasure, and in North Carolina, we enjoyed the time alone together exploring the area.

So, it was the best of both worlds!

How about some photographic evidence?
Virginia Beach:

Outer Banks, NC: (Where I took A LOT of pictures, it was just so picturesque. And the day of our anniversary)
And, since I can't get James Taylor out of my head:

Carolina In My Mind by James Taylor on Grooveshark

Duck Donuts: So amazing we visited one day. Even Victor was in love. I will crave these donuts every day until I die.
Pinterest inspired. Call it cheesy, but hopefully in 20 years it will turn into something really cool
I'm in love with the sand dunes. 
I love anniversaries. Or any excuse for a trip. 
And I love my husband, naturally. 


  1. Best swings ever! And worst Titan statue ever! I'm glad you had a fun weekend getaway. If only I lived closer to a beach...

  2. Looks like a beautiful place! and the last picture is the cutest ever.

  3. Fun! I want to go there. And I know those people from pinterest pictures. I like the idea!

  4. I think I will crave those donuts too... now that you said how good they are.

  5. Nice! LOVE the Outer Banks! There's a sand dune national park in Kill Devil Hills I think, did you get to go?