Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Juju!

Happy happy birthday to my big sister Juju (aka Jennifer). I missed giving her a birthday shout out last year, and I hope that she will forgive me! 

Dang, we were cute little girls. Jennifer and I are only 14 months apart (thus the nick name Juju--I couldn't pronounce Jennifer), and having a sister that close in age was awesome. We had so much fun together. 
As the oldest, Jennifer was often referred to as "Mama Juju" because she was a natural at being the caregiver and the peacemaker. These were attributes that I seemed to willingly hand over to her; I highly doubt my siblings would refer to me as the peacemaker. 

After the early years of me being the pesky tag-a-long baby sister, Jennifer finally embraced it and willingly shared her high school friends with me. My bestie Kelsy was (and still is) originally her friend ha ha. It's great. 
Then came the college years, and I remember being so glad to transfer to BYU because it meant I would be in the same town as Juju again. It was just so nice having her there and being able to have somewhere to go in those moments when you don't feel like going back to your apartment (not because of you, Kelsy!).

Now Juju has her own little tiny. She got her way of having the first grandchild (threats to me were involved--not lying) and she is such a good mama. I love that kid. Dare I say more than I love Juju?? I love you, Jenn. Lots and lots.

So happy birthday! Hope you have a great day. 


  1. You needed an escape from me?! jk Um, I've never really thought you look that much like your mom, but you do look a lot alike in the first picture. And Laila looks quite a bit like Jenn. I'm so glad to have you AND Jenn as my besties. :-)

  2. While Juju possessed the maternal and peacemaker attributes you had some good ones of your own!
    I think pictures of young Juju and Annie need a blog post of their own. You guys were pretty adorable! And you are both great sisters!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUJU. Love you both.

  3. Ok. I have tried commenting multiple times. So hopefully this one works! Thank you for the shout out, sweet sister. You might not be called peacemaker, but you are definitely extremely thoughtful. So thank you. I'm pretty lucky that you did not make me wait too long to join me on this crazy mortal adventure! Love you.
    PS You have no proof of the first grandchild threats. ;) haha!

  4. Um I think I heard the first grandchild threats :) Jenn your secret is out, haha! I think it is so fun that you are so close in age. How did your poor mom do it?! You both were adorable little girls so I'm sure that helped.