Friday, May 31, 2013

Tokyo Day One

We got into the city late on Friday night, and after breakfast on Saturday morning, we headed straight here:
We haven't been able to visit the temple since January and we used to visit at least once a month in D.C. We've missed it, and it was a wonderful morning. It's pretty tricky to get a picture in front of the entire building. It's surrounded by buildings, a busy street, and a park with tall trees across the street. This is the best we could do. Also, the people behind us are actually Okinawan members from a nearby ward who had made a temple trip up to Tokyo as well!
From there we hopped on the metro over to Shibuya. Shibuya is like the Times Square of Tokyo. It's one of the busiest pedestrian crossways in the world. We took a seat from the nearby Starbucks and loved watching the light change and all those people crossing. It seems crazy and hectic, but politeness is such a huge deal that it's actually very quiet and orderly. 

Also this is a frequent site:
And they're off!
 Then, of course, we did a little shopping at the promised lands of cheap and cute clothes:
^^^Notice the Japanese guy who photobombed  my picture??^^^

We ended our day walking through Harajuku and up to the Shinjuku area. Full of electronic stores, karaoke places, bars, and adult arcades (just like kid arcades, but with smoking and alcohol---it was hilarious to see grown men spending their Saturday night playing their arcade games).

It was a fun day. And I got cute new clothes, so I was very pleased. 


  1. That is the perfect description... Time square in Japan! When I was there I'm pretty sure H&M and Forever 21 were not there or I would have spent my time there :) I also love the peace sign photo bomb haha

  2. Such a cool adventure. Great pictures, sister.