Monday, May 5, 2014

Miyajima, Mainland Japan

 ^^from the ferry^^

This was my favorite day of our trip. This island near Hiroshima and Iwakuni was so beautiful and so charming. It's now on my list of most charming little places I've been to (which I should make a real list, because all I can think of right now is Annapolis, Maryland ha). Miyajima is a sacred island, said to be where the Gods live.

I loved the views and the shrines and temples on this island. I loved the little shops and food stands on this island. But, what I think I loved the most were the wild deer that freely wander through the town. They are calm and not afraid of people at all, especially if you have food. It was pretty hilarious to see unsuspecting people have deer come up all of a sudden and take a huge bite out of their map or paper bag.
^^he showed up right as Victor finished his oysters so he could lick the plate^^

^^I love this pic for so many reasons. It looks like we are besties, and the Japanese ladies' faces are the best^^

 The Daisho-In Buddhist temple was my favorite. I just loved all the little buddha statues everywhere. We learned that these baby buddhas can be "adopted" by people who have lost children of their own, and they take care of the buddha like a child (which is why they have the cute little knit hats). Sad, but sweet. The temple is at the base of the big mountain on the island, and the views were gorgeous. It was in such a serene place. I loved it.
 Oh, Miyajima. I loved it so. If you are traveling to Japan, you should visit here. After Kyoto, it is my favorite place so far in mainland.


  1. What a charming island! The pictures turned out so good!! :)

  2. Laila said "woa! Big dog!" To all your deer pics. Haha!

  3. Looks lovely! I love all the deer and the baby Buddhas. They are so cute!

  4. you look so pretty in these pics! love them all. must go there

  5. I love those little Buddhas. Very sad, but also a nice way to remember a lost child.