Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our Baby's Nursery

I thought about waiting to show you until baby arrives but I can't wait any longer! I finished my final projects, got clothes and stuff organized, and it's pretty much ready to go. I love walking by this room: I feel like it's such a happy space.

All the furniture in the room was from local yard sale finds (except the gov loaner arm chair), and most items like the rug, picture frames, shelving, globe, and the cuckoo clock were purchased from local Japanese stores. I made the baby mobile, also Japanese inspired: you know how much I love origami!

^^Victor wanted to keep the extra chair on the left in the room so more people could sit in there. It really is nice to have the extra seating^^

^^the blank frame will be for a family photo I think^^

 I knew immediately when I found out I was pregnant that I wanted a book wall. I wanted the room to be a fun "learning" space if that makes sense ha. Thus the globe, and the gallery wall with the alphabet and the U.S. map. Then I found the adorable Eric Carle fabrics (from Brown Bear, Brown Bear if you recall) and loved how they brought the color into the room.

I made two crib sheets, and two changing pad covers. The one in the pic was just a tiny bit harder than using just one fabric, but seriously, both projects were so easy. I highly encourage making your own baby bedding. It saved me so much money, and it was completely customized to what I wanted. I ended up making two crib sheets, two changing pad covers, the baby quilt, and the crib pillow for just $80.

So there you go! Now we just wait until we have a tiny person actually living in it. Then things will get real. Hope you like it!


  1. Love it! There have been so many times we have wished we had two comfy chairs in Ava's room, so that is really nice. I love the bright colors and the book wall. You are a domestic goddess!

  2. The origami is my favorite of favorites. So dang cute. Everything looks ready for a bright, happy baby!

  3. Very adorable! I also love the origami baby mobile.

  4. Emily and I enjoyed our tour of the nursery. Love it! Emily was excited to finally see the origami mobile.