Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Sunday from Cape Kyan

i don't really know if that's my hair or the bushes in the picture, but I just like this picture
 We took a beautiful Sunday drive to the southern tip of the island, to Cape Kyan. The southern area of the island is where Naha, the big city, is and as we drove through it, we slowly saw the big buildings disappear, until we were on teeny one lane roads going through farm land and leading to the cape.

We also took a wrong turn and stumbled upon some castle ruins right on the edge of the cliffs. The ruins really were ruins. They were covered in forget-me-nots and other wild flowers.

I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday: enjoying the gorgeous weather and marveling in how absolutely gorgeous is this world that God has created. When I have these kind of moments, the words of my favorite hymn always gets stuck in my head.
I really love Sundays. Hope you have a good one too!


  1. Did you put those words on a picture you took? Because it looks professional! Great Sunday thoughts!

  2. Looks amazing. If I took a picture of my outdoors today, you would just feel gloomy.

  3. loved your post! you are in a beautiful country.