Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spring blossoms in February

In Okinawa, spring starts early, and at least four cherry blossom festivals have been taking place. Unfortunately, because of a harsh typhoon season, the blossoms were a little sparse. We drove to the top of a mountain to try to get more blossoms compared to other locations. And it was still beautiful, but  not quite like what we saw last year. At least there is next year!
What was advertised, and what we got 

The mountain was beautiful though. 
 I decided to try some Japanese mochi, which is one of their national "sweets." I had high hopes to like it, but alas...
It wasn't the best.

So, happy beginning of spring!


  1. During cherry blossom season, they have the BEST mochi in the whole wide world. I have no idea what it is called, but inside, there is white cake, a strawberry, and some sort of whip cream/frosting. It's amazing. I really don't go for mochi otherwise... so you HAVE TO FIND IT AND EAT IT. I dream about it all the time but the only place I ever saw it was Japan and I don't know it's name and I heard it's seasonal.

  2. Spring. I wish. I will stick to the trader joes mochi.

  3. guess what? I'm going to DC next month for work. I'm sad you are not there anymore :( I go there on the 10th so maybe I'll get to see some of the famous cherry blossoms... I'll miss you though!