Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bali or Bust

So you may remember how back in April we disappointingly had to cancel our dream trip to Bali the day we were supposed to leave. I was bummed, feeling like it was the last chance I had in my life to do something with just Victor...I was being a dramatic pregnant woman. So we had to cancel. We lost money. We started saving again, and Victor was diligent in renewing his passport. Then we had the baby and we were diligent about getting his passport. We wanted to make sure NOTHING was stopping us from having this vacation!!

(Funny side story: Victor sent me a picture of what his supervisor had written in to get his leave approved to go. It said, "Sir, Lt. Castro is attempting to take leave to Bali now that his passport has been updated. Last time he tried to go his passport was expired, his wife was not pleased." Hahaha, I guess that was necessary information for the Commanding Officer, oh jeez!!)

So, like I said, we were determined.

And then at about 5am the morning of our trip, I started feeling familiar pains from a year ago when I had a nasty kidney infection that made my life miserable. This could not be happening! By seven I was feeling full on pain and vomiting because of it so I knew we had to go to the Emergency Room. We woke up sweet Baby J and headed over, not wanting to address the elephant in the room of if we were going to have to cancel again. 

They did a scan, and I had a kidney stone that needed to pass. I asked the doctor if I should get on that plane and he pulled the whole "you're an adult and can make your own decision but if something happens and need care down there in Indonesia, who knows what, blah blah blah." So I decided to get on that plane.

And it was a pretty miserable plane ride to Hong Kong. I was a mess. Filling up the barf bags, having to have Victor feed my baby formula because my pain meds said breastfeeding was a no no and I was just feeling awful--I felt like a terrible mother but luckily I only had to do that once. But yeah, it was a hot mess!

We arrived late in Bali. My pain was kind of subsiding so I was feeling hopeful. And then, at about 6:30am I woke up to tropical birds chirping, beautiful light streaming in, and most importantly, I felt no pain! I got up to use the bathroom, and sure enough, the kidney stone passed. And it's amazing how when that happens you feel completely great again. The boys were still sleeping, so I walked around the beautiful little villa just taking it in. 

Bali, you couldn't keep me away! 
Views from our first morning there, all the more beautiful when you finally feel good again after the previous day of feeling like garbage. I am so grateful for health, and for the blessing we had to travel to this beautiful island. Can't wait to show you the rest!!


  1. "His wife was not pleased." Bahahaha. And I'm glad those kidney stones didn't ruin your trip! Barf.

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't believe that happened right before you left! Glad it passed (literally) quickly and you were well on your way to a great vacay! Can't wait to hear about the rest....

  3. Glad to hear it passed because what a sucky thing that would've been! Where did you stay? Because this place looks absolutely dreamy!

    1. Laura, it's called Mayaloka Villas and it was awesome! Loved the sweet staff too.

  4. Love victor's report! Also love that you made Bali happen. You take tough to a whole new level!