Sunday, November 16, 2014

Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

It's the Marine Corps's 239th Birthday this year and we had a fun evening at its Birthday Ball. It's always great to have an excuse to dress up all fancy for one night a year! This year I was asking myself "what would Kate Middleton wear??" and was very pleased with the dress I found, and my man didn't look too shabby himself! ;)

It was our first date night without the baby and we had a great time even though the whole time I was hoping my babysitter wasn't hating life since Baby J sometimes gets really cranky in the evening. Victor and I aren't party animals anyway (last ball I think we stayed until 10:30? Ha) and this year we danced a few songs, and called it good! 

But overall it was a great evening. The special speaker spoke about the proud legacy of the Marines, with the message to pass on to new generations of Marines to "take care of our Marines Corps." I'm proud of my husband for being one of the few and the proud.

Happy Birthday, Marines!


  1. Any excuse to get a new dress and go out (even just for a bit) is great! You look beautiful!

  2. Love your dress!! So classy and very Kate Middleton-esque!