Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Japanese Shopping: Anthro Knockoffs and Must Have Beauty Products!

The Hundred Yen Stores (aka the dollar stores) are the best for dishes! I just want to do so much entertaining with all the awesome glassware they have there. These little milk jugs are some of my favorites. So cute to go with your cookies, and so one dollar a piece. 

(By the way, delicious Swig Sugar Cookie recipe found here!)
You know what isn't one dollar a piece? The little milk jugs Anthropologie is selling. $34 for six of them. Crazy. I could buy 34 jugs for that price! Like I said, Hundred Yen Stores are the best. 
 Side note: While Japan does have awesome cheap finds, they also have bizarre items with an outrageous price tag. $40 breakfast iphone cover, anyone?? Ha ha.

And then here are some random beauty products that are hilarious. I wonder if they actually work.

First is the cheek slim belt. I for one, would love to slim down my cheeks.
 And maybe someone could explain this "bust up roller" to me. Cracks me up.
Until next time! It's been so long since I've done one of these posts and I think it's because I forget to take pictures of these finds because you see them all the time.

Japan, you're the best.

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  1. Who wouldn't want a bacon and egg phone cover? Bargain of the year! Oh, and the cookie recipe I made a while back. I thought it was spot on other than the sour cream frosting. Your thoughts??