Monday, January 9, 2012

good news bad news

the good news is that the snow is falling, and it looks lovely from my warm apartment.
the bad news is that my husband is working all night long, so i'm watching the snow fall by myself.

the good news is there is finally something better to replace the kardashians on sunday nights.
the bad news is i have to wait six more days until it's on again. i really wish i had something of quality to watch tonight while my husband is gone...i might end up being a sucker and watching the bachelor. why??

the good news is i have something to cheer me up tonight, and it even comes with a plastic spoon to support my laziness.
the bad news is there are A LOT of calories in these three ounces of happiness. why??


  1. Sounds to me that you have a good night planned ahead of you!

  2. Um, Monday nights are my favorite TV nights (except for last night because they were all reruns due to the lame-o football game.) Hawaii 5-0 and How I Met Your Mother. Could it get any better?