Sunday, July 18, 2010

Would You Read My Blog? Would You?

I have made the pivotal decision to become a blogger. Life changing, I know. I have had many fears about this, including the stigma that seems to exist that you have to be married and have kids to have something to blog about. BUT, after much time spent as a blog stalker (don't judge, you do it too), I have realized that there are tons of cool single peeps that have interesting lives that blog. So I hope I am cool enough to join them!

Starting a blog is a big choice, people! And there are all kinds of things weighing on me. What to call it? Is that original enough? (I named it after Ben Folds Five's Song "Annie Waits", btw--"Annie Writes"--get it? ha.) What if I start a blog and no one reads it? Then it's just an on-line journal. Is that pathetic? And what to write about? It needs to be interesting so people will keep reading. So much pressure!

But I will try to throw all my fears aside, and just go for it. Wish me luck.

So, internet, here I come! And to the 4 or so people that might read this, I hope you enjoy, and know that I love you lots!

Loves, Annie


  1. I will read your blog, so you better keep updates! Luv ya mean it :)

  2. You don't have to have kids for me to read it. Kids and marriage are way overrated. Keep the posts coming! I want to blog stock you.