Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Happy Weekending in SoCal

You know, sometimes I forget I live in California. The Monterey Peninsula is its own little world--so different than the California that I am accustomed to. So it was kind of funny that when we were driving down south to Orange County, I couldn't help singing the O.C. theme song "Califoooornia, here we come!" And then I realize I already am in California.

Anyway! We managed to pull off this little weekend getaway with my side of the family. The Utah part of the family came down for my sister's soccer game, and the Arizona part came over as well. It's so nice being able to do something like this! Last time we managed a meet-up trip like this was Hawaii, which was so much fun. This was up there too in fun trips, but too short!

In high school we always stayed at Huntington Beach, so that's where we met up, even staying at the same hotel we always would stay at. We had a great beach day and then capped off the day with pool time (pina coladas! they are so yummy at this hotel) and eating dinner on the pier. Of course Baby J had a fantastic time getting covered in sand, playing in the water, and refusing to nap because it was all too fun!

^^right after a wave wiped them out^^
^^sweet little nephew^^
^^sweet cousins!^^

If you are wondering how to contain a busy one year old so you don't have to chase him all the time, bury him in the sand!
 After the Utah people left since they had a longer drive, we went down to walk around the Newport Beach Temple. It was lovely.

Weekend in SoCal for the win. Good food, even better company, and warmer temperatures to actually enjoy the beach!

Monday, August 17, 2015

An Afternoon at Point Lobos

Can I just say how much I love Victor's schedule while we are here in Monterey?? He is on a student schedule so we see him so much more than before. And we get to do things like go enjoy this beautiful area on a Wednesday afternoon (with the help of a canceled class). I am soaking it up. 

I took Victor to Point Lobos State Reserve---I had been there before with some friends and already wanted to go back to see more of it. It is so beautiful, with lots of little hikes that offer a variety of gorgeous views with lots of wildlife. And there is still more I haven't seen yet so I am excited to go back again. Love this place. 
^^25 weeks! Trying to document since it's so easy to forget^^
And such a sweet mother son picture for you. He's mad because all he wanted to do was climb the rocks, not take a picture. Still love him!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Party Like a One Year Old

We had a fun little birthday bash for our one year old last week, and I think he had an awesome time. How could he not? It included some of his favorite things, including other kids, wrapping paper, and sugar--although I think he has learned his lesson that too much sugar is not always the best ha ha. 

The lighting in our house is so weird, so some of these pictures are blurry but I'm going to post them anyway. 
 ^^I still haven't taken this down because I just love looking at it^^
 ^^He was in heaven having kids over at the house---it was LOUD^^

J responded to the cake pretty much the way I expected he would. Except by the end, he totally got all glazed over and he totally crashed an hour earlier. But then he woke up an hour later just laying there and crying crying. I really think he had a stomach ache or something! We let him stay up with us for a little bit, and then he went down just fine. Oh, baby's first sugar high. Memories. ;)

Hope you liked your party, Baby J! 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Friday Night in Monterey + A 24 Week Baby Bump

House hunting in Monterey was really rough. We were having a hard time even being able to look at listings because every time we called, or even were on our way, they would get snatched up. Right as we were about to throw in the towel and live on base, we found our little house. We love it because of the location. A short walk to so many things in downtown Monterey, and an even shorter walk to Victor's school.

Last night we took a nice walk along the beach over to Old Fisherman's Wharf. I like walking over there--lots to see and eat. I love getting samples of all the restaurant's clam chowder as a little snack ha. It's so fun living somewhere like this where everyone else comes to visit. 
 ^^little man!^^

 ^^all he wants to do allllll the time^^

Ahhh the adventures of trying to get a decent picture with this boy and the bump together. 

He's also really into open mouth kisses lately. 
He makes me look so pale haha. Love this sweet boy, and I can't believe we have less than four months until we meet this other baby boy. Time FLIES.