Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Double Takes

At the end of my favorite movie, "Everything is Illuminated," Elijah Wood (aka Frodo's) character returns to the U.S. from the Ukraine and sees the people that he met in the Ukraine in the faces of the random people chilling around the U.S. airport. And this is just another reason why I love this movie. Because it happens to me ALL THE TIME. It's been happening to me for months. Four months, to be specific. Since I stepped off the plane from Romania in April.

I would see faces of investigators that I taught. I would see the faces of the obnoxious teenage boys that would hang out in my neighborhood (the bloc boys, as I lovingly call them), and many others. And for a while, it had kind of stopped. But now that BYU campus is now jam packed with people, it's been happening again. It's so weird, seriously! I stare at people and think "where do I know you? oh yeah, you look just like so and so in Romania."And then, "oh...Romania." sigh. I feel just like Jonathan from Everything is Illuminated, and when it happens, it makes me miss Romania so much. But I don't want it to stop.

Wouldn't it just be nice if in those very moments I could just go over there and see those peeps and chat for a bit? That would be sweet. If only!

So I guess the moral of this story is that I miss Romania. And I want to go back. Anyone want to go with me?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drama at the Wal-Mart

I really should just delete that last post, because it's just evidence at how easily I give in and contradict myself. Not 15 minutes after I wrote it, I changed my mind. I stayed awake and at about 11:30 headed down to Wal-mart to go get that dang book. When I showed up, there were only 5 other people waiting, so I went and picked up some items. When I came back, there were almost 15, and then word got out that Wal-mart only ordered 25 copies. What the?! Not cool, Wal-mart.

More and more peeps came, and word got to them that they might not get a copy. I think everyone was wondering, "how is this all going to go down? is it going to be nice and orderly or is it going to be a big hot mess?" Well, at least I was wondering it, especially because I was in the first 25 people, for sure!

Then it got more intense. At 11:55, some Wal-mart lady came and was like, "umm, they're going to be distributed in the electronics section, at the back of the store." All those people behind me start booking it back there. And as I was speed walking/almost breaking into a run to the back I thought, "oh no, I'm one of those people!!"

Sure enough, the people behind me were now in front, and the people that had waited a good hour were at the back. Talk soon erupted in the line about how those poor folks in the back should be in the front and "those bi****s" at the front need to be behind everybody. I was thinking, "oh no, it's goin' down!" but then the Wal-mart lady came and settled it, and those people who had waited received the first copies at midnight, and yes, I got mine too! So it was a bit anti-climatic I guess. But I heard that Barnes and Noble had a much more classy and organized book distribution. Sometimes I forget that Wal-mart is not like other stores. They do whatever they want. But even so, only ordering 25 copies? Come on.

Well anyway, I only read the first chapter last night, but it's so far so good! Happy reading to all of you that are hooked like I am.

A Few More Hours

I have been planning for months to go pick this bad boy up at Wal-Mart when midnight rolls around. But, I am ridiculously tired (even more ridiculous after I tell you that I took a three hour nap today) and I have to wake up early for work, and the temptation to read it all night would be too much, so I think I am just going to hope and pray that I can just pick one up tomorrow afternoon. Please, if you get it before I do (Jennifer), don't give any spoilers! Thank you very much. Good night.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Working Girl

After many months of not working, and seeing the money I had left after the mish quickly disappear, I finally got a job! Not really a new job, but my old job at BYU that I had before I peaced out to Romania. I was very happy, naturally, but I got so used to the concept of post mission freedom, that when thinking about what I could do tomorrow, I would think "whatever the heck I want, because I CAN!" (I soon realized that your options to doing whatever you want become more limited and sometimes less fun as you have no money! Thank goodness for free events and parents).

Anyway, I am back at work, and it does feel good to have a job again, although I sure did love spring term of school without having to worry about work. I feel productive (except for the many slow times at work where my facebook and blog-stalking abilities are getting better by the moment), and I feel some much needed hope that I will be getting pay checks once again! So, to my dear friends who actually read this, keep your blog posts coming, because I love to read 'em!

And for a random side note, this week has been amazing as far as entertaining goes! I totally got hooked up and got to go to Dave Matthews Band this week and man do they put on a good show. AND I got to see the Lion King last night. That show is an artistic masterpiece. Fork over the cash and go see it because it is absolutely amazing.

I love you all. Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Original Conjuring Cat

I love the musical "Cats." SO MUCH. And I really can't explain why. So many people hate it for its lack of plot, strangeness, etc, etc. I know it's weird, and doesn't have much of a plot, but I love this show!

So of course, if Tuacahn is doing it, I am there. I love Tuacahn, and I loved working there (I have shoved all those awful memories of being pelted by bugs and grasshoppers while trying to play the violin to the back of mind) so I try to go every year. We went last week, and for the record, Cats was way better than their other show Tarzan. And the highlight of the night was this:

We got to meet the magical Mr. Mistoffelees! My favorite of all the cats. Camille's face clearly shows how she felt about it. She is a member of the Cats hater club. But you can't hate on it until you have seen it.

If you get the chance, see it! And take it for what it's worth. Just some good cat fun, with fun music, and great choreography.

love love, annie

Nobody Likes You When You're 23

Well, at least these people do!

I am slow, because my birthday was 2 weeks ago, but it was fab. I am happy to say that a lot of people like me, even though I may be 23! And the first few weeks of being 23 have been pretty dang good. More posts to follow about all that.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Much love, annie