Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jimmer Jimmer Jimmer

Last night I finally made it to another BYU basketball game (the only other one I went to was the Utah State game, which i blogged about here. I have faithfully watched the games on tv, but excuse me for not wanting to stand in overnight lines to see the other games in person. Anyway, I just have to say that while football kind of disappointed me in my last year here at BYU, I will be forever proud to say that I was a student here in the year of the Jimmer. If you don't know who Jimmer is, get on the bandwagon! He is totally legit.

But dare I say that "the Jimmer show" was a little disappointing last night? Granted, he still got 32 points, but this game just wasn't as exciting as they usually are. And I blame it on my luck that when I finally go to a game in person is when it's a bit on the boring side. And while I'm not going to underestimate the talent of the Jimmer, I've gone on this kick lately that, "hey, there are other people on the team too, you know!" We've been talking about it in my magazine editing class that works in conjunction with BYU Magazine, and it's had this strange effect on me that I should be the voice for those forgotten players, since everyone is all "Jimmer Jimmer Jimmer!"

I guess I should be honest though in saying that I still adore Jimmer. And he has the spotlight for good reason. And if there are haters, they obviously haven't watched him play. And I'll be honest that when my friend Sarah asked if I would go out with Jimmer if he asked me, I said yes (this was me thinking that my fiance wouldn't care: turns out he does. whaah?).

Sarah was also telling me that one of her friends was chilling in the Richards Building (the athletic building where I also happen to work) being a loud mouth about how if he saw Jimmer in person he would say, "hey Jimmer, why didn't you score 50 points in the game against Utah?!" And then wouldn't you know it, Jimmer was right behind him (naturally he chickened out and didn't actually ask him).

That's when the thoughts start to enter my head, "hey! why don't I ever get to see Jimmer? I work in the RB too! I feel like this should be my right. OH WAIT. It's because I work in the wing of the building where no one ever wants to venture because it's full of annoying dancers!!!!" The only time I could possibly see Jimmer, or any of the other basketball players for that matter, would be if they somehow get lost in my wing of the building and come to me saying, "help and get me out of here!" Unless they're looking for a place where they can go where no one will recognize them--then my wing of the building is the perfect place.

And in closing, I just have one more thing to say that naturally is about Jimmer. He's all I think about these days, I guess! (Oh yeah, and my forthcoming marriage, of course) But anyway, this goes back to another rant I made a few months ago about so-called friends of mine saying things on facebook about BYU athletics. Yesterday, one of these "friends" posted how the Utah Jazz would be dumb to draft Jimmer because he is overrated and not athletic. Excuse me? Are you blind? (Once again, this is coming from a person who never attended BYU, just some lame school up north that shall not be named, but it's not the University of Utah) So, my question is, should I de-friend this person like I did the others who bashed BYU on facebook as well? One word from you, and I'll do it!

Anyway, that's about it on the Jimmer thoughts today. Go BYU!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day

To my valentine: I love you. Te iubesc. Te quiero. Wo ai ni.

Cu drag,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Was that you going through my laundry, Michelle Obama?

I have ranted and raved before how much it bugs me to see people wearing the same clothes as me. Seriously, the only clothes I can be guaranteed no one else is wearing are the clothes I bought in China. As a Utah girl, I love the store H&M because the chances of someone else having it here isn't as likely. One of my latest purchases from H&M was this cutesy dress
And made into a cute winter ensemble by me, seen here. And just wait til I wear it in the spring, because the shoes I have to match are simply adorable.
But I'm bugged, because now the first lady Michelle Obama, the praised fashionista, was wearing my dress on the Today Show, and now everyone is all, "oh, Michelle Obama wows in a $35 dress! She wears it all, and shows that she can look good even in those demeaning, non-designer clothes! Isn't she just great?!"
Well, I just have to say that I wore it first. And just because I didn't have someone to make me custom sleeves, I think I still wear it just as good as "America's queen of fashion." Just sayin'.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Want That

It's a BOSU Ball! All you fitness experts out there might shun me for not knowing what this was until today, but whatevs. Today in aerobics we worked out on this thing, and it was way more effective than a step workout because all the balancing really strengthens your core (now don't I sound all experty). And it's fun to jump around on too. I want it, I need it! I wonder if I register for it if anyone would buy it for me....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I made this here book!!

I finally was able to get into BYU's bookbinding class, and after spending many a dollar for tools and supplies, I have something to show for it. I am pretty proud of myself, I'm not gonna lie. I hope my mom and dad are looking at this so they can see that bookbinding is still cool and not a dying art (Mom), and that the money was well worth it (Dad).

I have a little more to say about "The Bachelor"

Ok, so I watched this week's episode of the Bachelor, and while I usually have asked myself in the 5+ years I have watched the show,"why do I watch this?", this time around I find myself asking, "how can these people take themselves seriously?!" This show is ridiculous.

Me and my mom always had a theory that the people on the show had ear pieces being told what to do and to say. For example, in the make-out scenes, there is a producer saying "make sure your hand isn't covering her face-the camera can't see it! No! Don't put your hand in her hair--the hair people spent forever on that!!" You get the idea.

So the thing that made me lose it this week was when at least 4 girls started crying throughout the episode, saying to the bachelor, "I just don't feel special to you!""I hate seeing you flirt and go out with other girls!" And I wonder if anyone there at all, be it the cameramen, the producers, or even the bachelor himself, says/screams to them, "What did you think you were signing up for?!?!" Or do they go ahead and let them go on and on like that just because it makes for good tv. Probably the latter. And with all this ridiculousness, Brad the bachelor eats it right up: he goes off saying how good it is for them to be open with him and tell him these things. Mr. Therapy.

Speaking of therapists, Brad's therapist came on to the show to check up on him, because after all, Brad has been meeting with him for three years to discuss his commitment issues (because this bachelor happened to be the bachelor 3 years ago and he didn't choose any of the girls, which apparently made every woman in America mad at him. Heaven forbid that he didn't happen to meet his "soul-mate" from 25 applicants for a tv show!) And his therapist is an idiot. Brad says that it's hard because with every date with every different girl, he feels chemistry and just wants to kiss them. And his therapist is all, "you go ahead and do that. Explore that chemistry." I don't think you need to be a therapist to say that if you struggle with committing to a girl in general, it's not the smartest to make out with a bunch of them in the course of a few days. But hey, that's just me.

I don't really know what the moral of this post should be. That maybe I should stop watching this crap? But I just can't look away!