Friday, September 15, 2017

I Made A Table!

Alternate subject line: I helped my friend's husband build me this table. If we are being accurate. This has been something I've wanted to try and do, and he was like "then do it! when are you going to do it?" He even came to Home Depot with me to pick out everything--that just shows how clueless both Victor and I are when it comes to these things ha. So thanks again, Keyla and Geoff for your help!

This table was definitely a learning experience. It's not perfect, and it is not a "forever" table. Pretty sure it will get its wear and tear. But it was a fun learning experience, and for the time being, it's nice to have a farmhouse table that only cost about $150 total. But if I were to invest in all the stuff you need to make a table, that would up the cost a tonnnnn. I can't believe all the types of saws and stuff you need. 

Progress shots
 I loved how the wood looked all sanded down. I didn't want to stain it! 
  But I'm happy with it. And I'm so happy to have a designated dining room! I love having a real space to have people over for dinner. I hardly hosted people in our tiny cottage because it was just so small to. Now that we are getting settled, I hope to change that.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Welcome to the World" Baby Shower for Brooke

I am grateful for time to spend in Utah so we can plan get togethers like this. My good friend Brooke (and next door neighbor growing up) is having her first baby! She had baby Hudson a couple weeks ago. So back in July, Me, Kelsy and my sister Jennifer hosted a shower for her. I always love putting together these things and it was fun doing it with Jenn and Kelsy. Once the shower started, I got no pictures which I'm so bummed about! I guess that means we were all having too good a time to remember. But Jenn got the one pic below of Brooke getting some food. 

Brooke and Roman like to travel, and their adorable nursery is airplane/exploring inspired, so I loved doing this cute theme for the shower. It's so fun and easy to decorate for. I just used maps around the house and borrowed some globes from my sisters. I made the map buntings from those free AAA Road maps. And I found that awesome vintage suitcase from the D.I. 
^^Jenn made the super cute clouds and airplane mobiles^^
^^My other neighbor growing up now is an awesome cookie designer and did these for us. Love^^
 ^^And Kelsy did the adorable favors^^

Congrats on your beautiful boy, Brooke and Roman!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Spontaneous Weekend at The Del

In the week leading up to Labor Day, San Diego had a heat wave. It got progressively hotter with each day. And yes, I have lived places where it definitely gets hotter, but in those places we have air conditioning. A lot of people don't have ac here, so that's why a heat wave is a hardship ha. By Saturday, it was unbearable, and it didn't cool down at all at night. I did not sleep well at all.

I was still sweaty trying to get ready for church and I said to Victor, "we can't come back here after church. Where can we go spend the afternoon with ac?!?" I wasn't implying we should go to a hotel, but that's what Victor proposed, and not just any hotel, but the Hotel Del Coronado! I loooooove that place. Victor called and got it all figured out, and we headed out after church. Down to cooler temps, and that iconic hotel. 

(Side note: we got the room because The Del was recently acquired by Hilton. Our credit card gives us one free night at any Hilton a year, so our room was freeeeeeee!)
Our friends The Yanes' also have the same credit card with a free night, so we convinced them to come down too! Love that they are willing to be so spontaneous with us.

 ^^cute little friends ha^^
 ^^I love this shop and always want everything they have^^
 ^^Love this pic of my boys!^^

 Ended our Labor Day afternoon getting ice cream. And then we headed home to cooler temps thank goodness. But at least the heat wave happened with the three day weekend so we could have this mini vakay. We love these little trips with the boys because they love it too. They love staying in hotels. J woke up when we arrived back at the house and he was upset because he still wanted to be at the hotel haha. I feel your pain, J. I wish I could stay at the Del forever too.

Happy Belated Labor Day!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Our Anniversary Do-over in Park City

This year has been an interesting one. Victor and I have both traveled a lot, but none of it has been together. I went to Africa and Canada, and he was gone for a month in Romania in between that. So looking back on this little getaway brings back good memories, even if it was only one night ha! We called it our anniversary re-do, since our actual anniversary was smack dab in the middle of moving and Victor finishing his masters degree. We really like to commemorate our anniversaries with a special little getaway: so I'm glad we kept up with it this year, even if it was a couple weeks late!

We headed up to the beautiful Utah mountains to the gorgeous Waldorf Astoria in Park City thank you Hilton points! And thanks to my sister Jennifer for watching the boys!

We hung out at the pool in the afternoon, while Victor kept saying how much fun the boys would have there. Oh Victor. He's such a softie for them. I had totally forgotten about them! I kid, I kid. But little breaks are essential from time to time. Then we headed to Main Street for dinner and then hot tub and s'mores after. 
^^finally saw a Banksy!^^
^^the only picture I took of the hotel--the gorgeous flowers ha^^

 We opted to sleep in rather than pursue getting a big breakfast before heading back to our boys. It was a good choice. And then Victor left the next day for Romania. Grateful for a quick little trip to celebrate our marriage!

And an update: right after we got back to California after Victor got back from Romania, my wonderful grandma passed away. My mother in law had already planned to come help Victor with the boys for my Canada trip, so Victor came with me to Utah for a couple days for the viewing and funeral. So that was our other "couples getaway." And I have to say, it was great. We got to fully focus and enjoy the funeral which was such a celebration for her wonderful life, as well as go out to eat and do whatever we wanted ha. Who'd have thought our other couple's getaway would be a funeral?? #lifewithkids