Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I have talented friends

So, a lot of what made my wedding so fabulous was brought to you by my friends and their various talents. That's the way to go in planning a wedding, I think: work with people who know you and your personality.

Let's start with the invitations. Brought to you by my talented designer friend Austin Johnson. I really can't imagine using anything besides the invite that I did. It was a perfect in establishing the feeling that I wanted for the wedding. And like my griefs that I had about finding a wedding dress, invitations were the same way for me: nothing I saw in stores or online was what I wanted. So, thank you Austin. And if you are interested in using his talents, contact him on his blog.

Next, the music. Why have boring musak at your wedding when you happen to know a lot of talented musicians? For my rehearsal dinner, I asked my friend Scott Rakozy to play the piano. Rakozy is an incredible piano player. He's better than any guy you have seen at Nordstrom. He just shows up without any music and plays all your favorite songs. What a great way to start the beginning of a wonderful wedding weekend.

Then for the reception, I asked my friend Jake Burch and his band to serenade me and my guests with their soothing, hip, and romantic jazz music. They were great, and so many people complimented me on their behalf. If you are getting married in the Utah area, do yourself a favor and hire these guys! You can contact Jake on his blog as well.

photo courtesy of Sarah Holden

And, remember my whinings about finding a cake? Well, all of that was resolved by asking my friend and neighbor Chrissy Avery to make my cake for me. She had made my sister's cake, and I knew she would do an amazing job. I had a vision, and Chrissy fulfilled it! I wanted a sugar flower cake topper, something that Chrissy had never done before, and just like that she learns how, and it was perfect. And delicious. I was actually sad in thinking that I never really got a proper piece after the tiny piece I shared with Victor, and then I remember that the whole top is being frozen for the one year anniversary. I always thought that was a silly tradition, but I was mistaken! I can't wait to eat more cake...fat kid moment.

Oh, that cake!!
photo naturally from Sarah Holden...
These were of course only a few of the highlights of the best day of my life. Let's not forget all of you wonderful people who came to see me. I love you all. Hugs and besos. (the "besos" is a foreshadowing of my next post, which should be about zee honeymoon!)

Love love love, Annie

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Mr. and Mrs.

The day that I had planned for for months came and went too quickly.

But it was perfect. Perfect wedding. Perfect honeymoon. I will share more later, of course. Right now I'm trying to get my apartment put together. I'm a Virginian now. And I kind of miss Utah. A lot. But Virginia is cool too I guess, and it has an Ikea, so as of tonight, I'm a happy girl!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You should know

You should know that I get married in 2 days.

You should also know that my wedding, if all goes according to plan, should be off the hook! (One of my friends says (and I quote) "It's like the mini royal wedding!" Yes, this friend will forever be on my good side.

And even though the invitation says 6-8, that's just to discourage people from coming last minute to the party. It will go past that, and it will involve sweet music, dancing, swords, and delicious food. Didn't get an invite? Please forgive me, and still come on down! Friday night, The Lion House, Salt Lake City, Utah.

You should also know that parking validations will be provided for the Joseph Smith Building parking lot below the Lion House. Holla.

Happy mini royal wedding week. I love you, and hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Attention College Graduates!

College Graduates:
Did you ever get those feelings of anxiety of what to do after college?
Did you feel like you couldn't possibly do anything else but be a student?
Did you just want to chill and relax after graduation rather than find a job?
Did you know that you really do need to do SOMETHING, or else you would die of boredom (or want of money)?

If you experienced any of these symptoms, then help a girl out!!

This girl, to be exact:
Your help will be much appreciated, and you will be rewarded with gratitude, and, if I see you in person, hugs.

Love, Annie Ostler, bewildered college grad

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh they say when you marry in June

Umm...I'm getting married in less than two weeks!! That's all.

I'm glad I'm a June bride.