Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our New Home

We've moved!
As fun as it is to say "we bought a house!" I can't help but think something more along the lines of "the bank bought this house and our military BAH (housing allowance) is going to pay the mortgage!" HA.

But I still am feeling so grateful because this home is an answer to our prayers. Buying a home in Southern California is a PAIN. SUCH A PAIN. We really wanted to live off base in order to have more bedrooms and a bigger yard for our boys. Finding those things in our desired city, with our budget (with home prices rising significantly over the past 6 months as we were searching) started to seem impossible. We had already lost out on a house in this neighborhood, so when this one came up, at the same price as the other one, it felt meant to be.

So yeah! We have a house, but currently no furniture. Can't wait to show more as we turn it into a home!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Final Days in Monterey

We had a busy couple days before leaving Monterey. Pretty stressful actually. The stress eased a little after we turned in our keys to the cottage. Farewell, little cottage.
We checked into a hotel just in time for his graduation the next day. I watched the graduation ceremony from the "family room" aka the basement. I feel bad I didn't get to see Victor in person, but there's no way the boys would have lasted! We promptly met up with him after. Congrats on all your hard work, Victor! He's a master now--but I'm not gonna call him that.

 ^^with one of his math professors who is Romanian. We love her and her family. They always welcomed us into their home cu drag (with love). ^^
It's funny though, because even though his thesis was done and approved, and he walked at graduation, Victor still had a big project due for a class the next day. So frustrating for him! So after graduation he worked all afternoon, and after our celebratory dinner, he still went back and worked all night. I feel bad for the guy.

Because of all that, we decided to stay the next day in Monterey instead of heading to Oceanside. I'm so glad we did, so we could have one last day in Monterey not filled with the stress of moving and school. And it was our anniversary. Six years!!

 We started at our favorite breakfast place, and ended the day playing at Carmel Beach. It was a nice anniversary, but we both agreed we needed a re-do with just the two of us haha...which we just did this week in Utah thank you so much Juju!
 Love our crew.

 ^^he got wiped out by a wave. he got tossed around but of course he was back at it right after this^^
Such a beautiful day! Grateful for six blessed years. So much to be thankful for. I get the words to Hamilton stuck in my head when I think about all that has happened these last few years. "Look at where we are, look at where we started." Life isn't perfect, but it's hard to dwell on the imperfections and frustrations when you step back and realize how good you actually have it. Grateful for a loyal partner these six years and hopefully many more years. Grateful for our 2 healthy children who bring us more joy than frustration. And grateful for this life we are building!