Thursday, December 9, 2010


About once a month the Jehovah's witness missionaries do what we would call "street contacting" on the southwest corner of BYU campus (you know, right before the stairs that constitute as "BYU property"). They usually don't try to get any conversations going, because even they know that we are all hurrying to class and work and such, although sometimes I do see people (no-doubt former missionaries) engaging in conversations with them.

This morning when I saw them I was all "oh jeez, I really hope they don't try to talk to me. It's cold, and I have to get to work." They didn't. I just took their brochure thing, and wished them a nice day, because I appreciated it when a person was nice, even if they had no interest whatsoever to hear what I had to say. And then I thought, "I wonder if people thought that when they saw me standing on a corner, "that" being 'I really hope they don't try to talk to me!'" But even if they did think that, it wouldn't stop me, because I had something important to say, and even if they didn't give a crap, I at least had to try!

And that's probably how those j-dubs feel. But honestly, what they had to say didn't offer me more than I already knew. The cover of their brochure thing was "The Five Secrets of Contentment." Thank you, but I already knew all this. I know how to be content. And I am content. Actually, I'm more than content, I am down-right happy. If I were to design a brochure for what I believe and know, the cover would say "The Five Secrets of Happiness." And then I would get all missionary at the end of it and be like "but these aren't secrets! you can have it all! Isn't that great?!"

Anyway, after all that this morning, I just thought back to all those delightful discussions I would have with so many stubborn people who loved their Bible bashing. I remember sometimes being so frustrated I could have pulled my hair out. And now I think: "but it sure was fun!" And I remember sometimes feeling so discouraged that I just wanted to quit. But I was still happy. That never changed.

Good times. And btw, for more info about getting all that happiness that I just ranted about, go here! Or here!

And a merry Christmas to you. Loves, Annie

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another way Netflix makes me feel guilty

I have already mourned about how I tend to waste time on Netflix when I should be studying or writing a paper, as written about here. Yeah, so, I am trying to do better at that. And I think I'm doing a little better, although it still is a temptation!

I don't really watch whole movies on netflix, because then you really do know that you're wasting two hours, because that's how long a whole movie is. I watch the t.v. shows, which is a real sneaky way to hide how much time you are wasting, because one episode of a show typically is only 20 minutes, so you think "I'll just watch one episode, it's only 20 minutes. That can count as a break, it's not wasting time like a whole movie does, blah blah blah." And then before you know it, you have watched three or four episodes, and the same damage as a movie is done to the time wasting. But this we already know.

So, I started watching that show "17 Kids and Counting," although I'm not sure whether to call it that. The first season is "17 Kids and Counting", the second season "18 Kids and Counting," and the third is "19 Kids and Counting," meaning that the mom of the family gives birth to a new child every season. Crazy. I have learned a lot from watching this show, no lie. For one thing, those parents are pretty amazing. They have well-behaved, well-groomed and happy children, which I have seen from personal experience with families with 15+ children is not always the case. They are also very conservative and have high standards. At first glance, you might think they were Mormon. But they're not. They're even more conservative than that, which I forgot to realize was possible, since I am a Mormon, and I consider myself pretty conservative.

In season one of the show, the oldest child gets engaged, and when she says yes, he gives her a side hug. And they never had dated each other before the engagement or any other people for that matter, because that affects your abilities to "fully give your heart to that person that God wants you to be with." And so does kissing.

At first I was just like, "well, that's how they feel, and I can kind of see why they feel like that, because I have high standards too right?" Wrong. They made me feel like my standards are way too loosey goosey. That I am not pure because I have kissed boys. And that I've created baggage for marriage by going out on dates. That show was one giant guilt trip. And then the parents went off being like, "yeah it's a great idea to not date and not kiss. Michelle (the mom) had a few boyfriends before me, and that just created a lot of baggage in the marriage. And we kissed before we were married, and that wasn't the best thing to do, etc, etc." Don't get me wrong, I can see how having serious relationships can create baggage, especially if you go too far: like I said, I have high standards. But even going on dates before an engagement? Come on.

So I guess I should apologize to future husband. Future husband, I am so sorry for the baggage that I have created by my poor choices to go on dates. I am sorry that you aren't the first person I have kissed. Forgive me? K thanks.

Anyway, maybe the solution to all of this is once again to take the advice of the Duggar family and just not watch t.v. That would solve so many of my problems, including the common time-wasting problem. We'll see. Well, I hope you have a happy Monday. Love you lots!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

'Tis the Season!

Christmas time is officially here. Holla! I thought about making this month's "blogging goal" to not write crazy rants about anything. But sometimes that makes things less interesting. But who can think of writing crazy rants right now when the world is so wonderful and full of holiday lights and decorations and snow? Then again, finals haven't happened yet, so there is still time.

I love the Christmas season for so many reasons including the decorations, the lights, the traditions, the treats and food people bring to you, the parties (especially the work ones, which is weird, but I think it's because you get to chill with the people you work with and not actually worry about working. That's fun), and I love how everybody just seems to be in a better mood, except for the Scrooges, but even they make the season fun because then you can feel like you are living in your own real-life Christmas Carol.

But the two things that really put me in the Christmas mood are the movies and the music. I love 'em. And while I usually can't handle the extreme cheesiness in the rest of the year, Christmas time is an exception, except for some really horrible stuff, which ironically is usually country holiday songs: example of the day: that Christmas shoes song. Yuck.

So my movie recommendation of the day from my list of best Christmas movies is:
White Christmas is a perfect movie to help put you in a holiday mood. Go out and watch it today.

But my latest discovery this year has been that one of my fav singers, Sufjan Stevens, has not one, not two, but FIVE Christmas albums! And they are legit. I am sharing with you today one of my new fav Christmas songs called "The Friendly Beasts." I don't know how long this song has been around, but my dad played me a version of it by Brian Stokes Mitchell with the MoTab, and I wasn't crazy about it because it was pretty silly. But Sufjan's version is really sweet in showing that even the animals rejoiced in the birth of Christ. And this video is adorable.

Anyway, happy beginning of the Christmas season, everybody. I love you all!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving is a swell holiday

It's the last day in November, so I figured I would give Thanksgiving a shout out before we officially switch gears into Christmas, which I am also very excited about.

I love Thanksgiving. Even though we don't do anything important on that day besides eat huge amounts of food, which is fine by me. It's wonderful to have a day where the only thing on the schedule is to eat. I'm grateful for that.

Last year and the year before I spent Thanksgiving in Bucharest, and so this year was especially nice to eat Thanksgiving dinner with the fam again. And I am grateful for that. And speaking of Bucharest, I think right now I am most grateful that I went on a mission. I have amazing friends and a couple of besties from going on a mission, and it also strengthened my friendships from before. I am also grateful for that.

It's safe to say that every good thing that has happened in my life is because of the gospel. No doubt about it. My great friends, my close family, my education, my hopeful future. It's great! And I love the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Changing Times

I am trying to learn tolerance, and be more understanding of girls nowadays.

Like, the way they feel about these boys (overrated)

Is the way that I fantasized about these guys as a teenager. (And let's be honest, I still do)

Mr. Darcy or Gilbert Blythe, anybody? Who would you choose? That just may be a harder decision than between Jacob and Edward!!

So I am now trying to not be too much of a hater on ridiculous pre-teens, and ridiculous teens, and even ridiculous adults.

"Tolerance is always a good lesson, even when it comes out of nowhere." -Mr. Hall, Bronson Alcott High School

Happy Monday. Love, Annie

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm just going to say it

Utah State sports fans are sore losers.

Seriously. They have such crap sportsmanship. I am so happy we beat them in basketball last night. Forget football: yes that was a painful memory this season and we better never repeat it. But before that, back when Utah State would celebrate their first touchdown of a season by acting like they had won the national championship (because it happened just as rarely), they would always cling on to that lame excuse that "we're good at basketball" and yet whenever I saw BYU play them, we still would beat them. (I am aware that they won last year, but I was out of the country, so, "out of sight (or country) out of mind.")

It's just pathetic though when a team's cheers and chants are all just to slander the other team. When their team does something good, rather than cheering that, they cheer on how the opposing team screwed up and how they suck, blah blah blah. That's just retarded.

The crowning moment was when I ran into a Utah State alum last night and I will admit, I loved rubbing it in their face that we won. I cheekily said, "well, nice try." But said person went off on "ohh nice try to you! you guys who were behind some of the game! boo hoo hoo." Excuse me?! Who won the game? We did. Almost winning is STILL losing. And Utah State, you did not win last night. Get over it.

Go ahead, lecture me about how I perhaps am being a sore winner. How I need to read Pres. Uchtdorf's talk from the recent priesthood session, which I already have, and I agree. Utah State fits that category of "
normally kind and compassionate human beings can be so intolerant and filled with hatred toward an opposing team and its fans." And I will also admit that we BYU fans tend to make "broad generalizations and apply them to everyone associated with the other team." ex: that USU is just a farmer school and all they teach at that school are those cow whistles that were being heard all night last night (just to give you an idea).

To that friend and USU alum, I hope we can still be friends and lay these differences aside. I know that it shouldn't be so hostile, but in the words of Vince Lombardi, "If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?" That's all there is to it. We won. Sorry you lost last night. But I am not sorry we won!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Violin Remorse

I do believe that dreams can tell you a lot and hint to you about things you need to be doing better in your life. I can't tell you how many times that I have dreams where I am jogging and it is wonderful and feels good, and I think to my dream self, "I really need to do this more often!" And then I wake up. And I usually do not end up going jogging.

And then last night I had a dream that I tried to pick up my violin to play it, and I physically could not get my hand to go the way it should to play correctly. That was my cue: you haven't touched your violin for way too long!! And it's true. I feel so bad about it. And with the Christmas season coming up, I really need to get back in the groove, since our best family Christmas tradition is hosting our own private Christmas music recital on Christmas eve. The dream didn't get much better when I was trying to play the violin in a neighbor's backyard on a dirt pile, when the pile collapsed into the ground and covered my violin, and I didn't even notice for like 15 dream minutes.

Did I also mention that my dreams are very random sometimes?

Anyway. I REALLY should play my violin. I know it. But guess what? Next semester I registered for orchestra again which will require me to practice! Why am I best motivated by a grade for a class?

And for the record, this is how you properly hold a violin, as demonstrated by Albert Einstein. Yes, he plays the violin as well. So talented! (In my dream, my left hand was schrunched up to the violin instead of smoothed and relaxed like Albert' case you care)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Country Music and Fashion: They Don't Mix

The Country Music Association Awards were this week. No, I did not watch them, because I don't really care about country music. But you can bet that I saw the red carpet photos afterward. I love that kind of stuff. I always make it a point to purchase the Oscar edition of People magazine for that very reason.

And based on what I saw from those CMA awards, oh buddy, it did not look good. What is it about country music that makes people who usually have pretty good taste turn into horrible criminals of fashion? That twangy guitar starts to mess with their heads, and causes them to wear horribly tacky things. And THIS is why I don't listen to country music! I just don't want to risk it. As I was looking through the photos on yahoo's report on the show, it seemed like everybody was making the worst dressed list. This is not good.

Some examples:

Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood: country singers. What were they thinking? (Just two examples of all the other country singers who had ugly outfits as well)

But what really gets me are the next two. Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow. Nicole usually dresses fabulously. Until she married a country singer. And Gwyneth? Well, apparently, she's "going country" now. She performed at the show, and she did a pretty good job too, and even looked amazing as usual in her outfit she performed in, but she arrived at the show in a very unfortunate outfit. If Gwyneth can't even resist the urge to still dress nice and be involved with country music, then who can?!

Well, that's about it. Please resist the urge to dress like this. Sorry if this offends any country lovers out there. I still love you. Happy weekend! Love, Annie

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Bestie Concert Series

It has been one great month for concerts in Salt Lake City! And I am a lucky person, because I have a bestie who goes to all of them with me. Kimmy. I love her.

I first met Kimmy in the far away land of Romania. We immediately connected when the subject turned to music. Kimmy has great taste in music. And while I myself wouldn't call my own taste great, I do know that my friends say that I have great taste in music.

Oh Romania. Did I mention that I miss that place? Because I do. A lot.

Anyway, back to music. Kimmy and I are kindred spirits when it comes to music. Since we have been re-united in the United States, we have seen some pretty sweet shows. This summer we went to the Mountain Goats. I had always wanted to see the Mountain Goats perform and Kimmy came with me even though she didn't know them too well. Now that's true friendship, people.

And then, there was Ingrid Michaelson last week. Her concert was amazing. And Kimmy stood in line a good hour before I got there to wait with her. She stood in the freezing rain, and then together we stood in the hail storm. But we got in! Thanks to Kimmy. I'm telling you, if you want a legit friend, call Kimmy!

On Monday, Kimmy and I got to experience Sufjan Stevens together. It was wonderful! We were so happy after! (as seen below: man with beard is Kimmy's friend Rudy)

School may be blah and boring, but at least I have Kimmy. And Ingrid. And Sufjan. And, on Friday, Kate Nash! But mostly, I'm glad I have Kimmy! Basically, I have some pretty legit friends, and yes that includes all of you reading this. So, I hope you have a good rest of the week, and remember that I love you!

xoxo, Annie

Monday, November 1, 2010

Save the Subjunctive! And other activist protest ideas

While some college students may feel that protesting a cause like global warming or saving the animals in the ocean (ehh emm...Kimmy) is crucially important, I feel like there are other issues that are just as important. First and foremost: the subjunctive. Ever heard of it? Maybe, but do you ever use it? Probably not, because the subjunctive is dying. This is serious people! A part of our language is just disappearing: this is a big problem that people just don't seem to care about.

In case you don't know what the subjunctive is, I will explain, and give a prime example of how it is dying. Some 50 years ago, the musical Fiddler on the Roof opened on Broadway. One of the most well known songs was "If I Were a Rich Man." Did you catch that? If I were a rich man. Fast forward four decades. Gwen Stefani comes out with her pop hit rip off called "If I was a Rich Girl." What the what?! She just killed the subjunctive. This is not right.

That's why if I were (yep, were, not was) to head up a college campus activist protest it would be to save the subjunctive. It needs to be saved. And it needs to be saved more than the whales in the ocean. I guess I should take my protest to the school boards as well because teachers really are no longer teaching grammar in schools, which is a travesty. Americans don't even know their own language, which damages them for life. It's not your fault you don't know how to use the subjunctive. You weren't taught it or encouraged to use it. And just to help you out, here are some sample sentences of how to use the subjunctive, taken from the real thoughts of yours truly.

I wish Tim Gunn were one of my best friends.
If boyfriend were to come this weekend we could go to The Drowsy Chaperon for 10 dollars. (student tickets are the best)
I wish I were skiing. (This sounds weird, but it is correct)

Only YOU can save the subjunctive!

So, moving on to other activist protests. I have a friend who is ridiculous. He is going to protest for mens rights. He calls it his mens revolution. I would usually frown upon such a thing, but he wants to protest for mens rights on college campuses simply to get a reaction from all those college feminists. (And if I didn't know it was a joke, I would probably be one of them to throw paint on him or something)

And for all you redheads out there. A protest for ginger rights. And this one really did happen. My co worker heard about it when she was living in London. Do gingers really need more rights? Are they discriminated against? Actually, yes. A fellow sister missionary in my mission who is a ginger spent weeks trying to find a new apartment in Bucharest and no one would rent to her because of that (she also had an asian companion and that just added to it). I don't think that I discriminate against them, unless it's discrimination that I get offended if somebody thinks that I have red hair, and that I often say that attractive red head guys don't exist. (I have only ever met one) So I guess a protest for ginger rights could be productive.

If you would be interested in participating in any of these causes, let me know and maybe we can make a difference in the world! There is strength in numbers!

Happy Monday. Love, Annie

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Rut I am in

Remember my last post about my lack of motivation to exercise? Well, thanks for the suggestions. I appreciated them! My plan is to register for aerobics next semester...because a grade is a good motivator right? And I am going to enter to run in the Moab Half Marathon with this amazing person and that should be a good motivation as well. Holla.

And on that optimistic note, time to switch. I have realized that my lack of motivation stems deeper than just physical exercise. Last night I pretty much failed a midterm because I had no drive to really study or do the readings for it. And while I felt bad about it, I feel more guilty of what my professor is going to think.

I think I finally know what a person with a.d.d. feels like. And it's ridiculous. I can't focus when I am reading for class, I don't have any drive whatsoever to write my papers or pay attention in class. I try to focus and read Alexander Pope, and I just end up watching Keeping up with the Kardashians on netflix. What is wrong with me?! The Kardashians, really? But also, oh yeah, I'm a senior. And including the breaks I have taken to go to China and Romania, I have been doing the college thing for 5 years. I am ready to peace out!! I love BYU, and I love learning. But it seems like all my classes left are the ones I intentionally put off because they didn't seem that fun. And they're not. (Well, sometimes they are. I still love my major. And I still enjoy talking about literature all day. I'm a dork) But I am so ready to graduate. So how do I keep focus for 6 more months?

But I'll tell you what I do have motivation for: a social life. Sue me. I care more about hanging with my peeps than studying. And I have no self discipline! The best example is that it is a school night tonight. I should probably be doing homework and studying. But I'm not. I'm going to Ingrid Michaelson with Kimmy and I don't care, because Ingrid Michaelson is legit!!! (And Kimmy too) So I guess I need advice now on how to care more. Anything is welcome. And before you judge me for going to Ingrid, just watch her vid below, and you'll end up wishing you were coming with me.

So, there you go. I have a problem right now. Maybe Ingrid will inspire me tonight. Good music always does. Love you all!

(and please don't be creeped out by all the clowns in this video. It's a great song)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I want my mission body back

You're probably going "whaaa?!" Why would she want that? Don't girls who go on missions get all frumpy and fat and come home fat as well? Well, people, I don't want my brag, but this wasn't case. While I myself wouldn't say that I came home looking pretty dang good, my friends and family do say that I came home looking pretty fit (that's british for looking pretty dang good).

I felt that I had a point to prove to the world by coming home weighing less than when I started. To prove that it was possible to not gain a ton of weight on a mission. I was determined to prove everyone wrong. Take that! But proving that point turned out to be surprisingly easy.

Sure, I exercised. Well, tried to. Sometimes I was really good, when it was convenient. For example: living on the coast of the Black Sea and being able to run on the beach every morning: the best thing that could have happened. It was glorious. Then there were those dark winter months when I would roll out of bed, lay on the floor and do a few sit ups, and then lay there lifeless for the rest of "exercise time." And yet even in those dark winter months, my weight didn't sky rocket. And it's not like I was eating all healthy either. Sure, the food was fresher and luckily I had control over what I ate (no member meals three times a day, thank goodness!), but when my British companion taught me how to make english chips (as in fish and chips), I swear I made them at least 3 times a week! And what are english chips but thick french fries. Healthy? Not really.

But my point is even with all the odds against me, I was in way better shape then I am now. And it was all too easy then. I don't get it! I'm kind of trying now, but nothing is really happening. I know a lot has to do with the fact that I now spend most of my day in a chair or a desk. Doing nothing, as opposed to the mission days when I was often running desperately to catch a bus or subway train.

And it doesn't help when you have a boyfriend who loves to eat and go to restaurants as much you do. (See previous post), and who lets me complain to him how I think I'm getting a little gross and chubby but doesn't say a word or judge me as I eat another chocolate...or two. (And I wouldn't have it any other way!)

And then there is always the fact that I am now 23 and not a carefree 19 year old who can eat whatever she wants, do a little exercise and be good to go. I hate being 23! Ok not really, but in this case, most definitely.

Sorry to vent and complain and be a debbie downer, folks. But that's what is occupying my thoughts a lot lately (I blame it on my corduroy pants I wore today that always make me feel chunky.) But if you have any advice on how to get motivated and stay motivated to exercise, I welcome any suggestions! And I did go running today, so I am kind of off to a good start in writing this post. Anyway.

I love you all. Stay cool.
Hugs and kisses and rainbows,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have found a new favorite documentary: and it is BABIES. I watched this last week and loved it. Such a sweet theme: that motherhood and babies don't really change much, no matter where you are or what culture. It's all about the love.

My favorite was the Namibian baby because the culture was just so completely different from the others, and that baby sure had spunk! And the Mongolian baby was cool too. I just loved 'em all. But warning about the African scenes: there are a LOT of boobies, so if you can't handle it, then...well learn how to handle it, because you will be missing out if you don't watch it!!

And in honor of the fact that I will be seeing Mr. Sufjan Stevens himself perform two weeks from today (excited much? yes indeed!), here is the trailer for Babies, featuring Sufjan's musical talent. Oh, and btw: Babies is now on instant play on netflix: hit it up!

Happy rest of the week. Enjoy the Babies!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Best Blue

So, this was fun and all...

was SO much better!!! You may not be able to tell, but I think I just look happier to be chillin' in my cougar stadium. AND: we won. Hallelujah.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pushkin almost had it right

This is one of my favorite verses of poetry. It's from Pushkin's novel written in verse Eugene Onegin. It is so lovely how he talks about love and looking for that special someone...until he ruins it by suggesting it's easier to just give up and worry about yourself. So sad! But I guess that's the kind of character Eugene was: a selfish turd (am I right, Michael Shields? you took Russian lit with me so you should know). Anyway.

But whom to love? To trust and treasure?
Who won't betray us in the end?
And who'll be kind enough to measure
Our words and deeds as we intend?
Who won't sow slander all about us?
Who'll coddle us and never doubt us?
To whom all our faults be few?
Who'll never bore us through and through?
You futile, searching phantom-breeder,
Why spend all your efforts all in vain;
Just love yourself and ease the pain,
My most esteemed and honest reader!
A worthy object! Never mind,
A truer love you will never find.

Happy weekend to all. If you have a special someone like it describes in the first part of this verse, good job! I hope you enjoy it. If you don't, then I guess take advice from the last half, and just love yourself. And know that I love you too!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Universe, You've Done it Again!

When I first got a flat tire a couple summers ago, it just so happened that my pops was in town to come and help me change it (he tried to teach me, but who pays attention to that?), AND we changed it in the parking lot of the Meadow Gold Ice Cream Factory in Orem, where a nice man saw the predicament we were in and brought us popsicles to help us out.

Yesterday, when I realized my tire was flat after driving a block down the street (I guess I had driven over a giant screw--how did that happen?!), there were two nice men right on the sidewalk who came and offered to change it. And, because they weren't trying to teach me how, they changed it way fast. But how nice was that? Moments like that remind me that I like people.

Now that I have acknowledged how lucky I am when I get flat tires, I have probably jinxed it. Next time I will be stranded on some road where I don't get cell phone service and I will have to figure it out all by myself... or just hitch-hike. But I'll just worry about that when it actually happens!

Happy Wednesday. This week is going as slow as a snail, but I'll survive. Loves.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nie Nie

Tonight I got to go and listen to Stephanie Nielson, writer of the Nie Nie Dialogues, also known as one of the blogs that I love to stalk while I am working.

And I am so glad I did! She is AMAZING. No lie. It was for BYU's Recapturing Beauty Campaign so her talk was focusing on coming to terms with her appearance after she was burned in a plane crash. How she was so afraid to look in the mirror the first time. How her kids wouldn't look at her, and how her two year old thought her sister was his mother. It was emotional to say the least. But oh so inspiring.

The place was packed. So packed that they started way late so some snotty girl could keep shouting in the mic that people needed to give up their saved seats and get out of the aisles because of fire codes. Graciously Nie Nie pointed out that snotty girl was right: we do need to obey the fire codes in case of a fire. That's why I love her. She is not fake at all and not stuffy or snobby or "woe is me, let's have a pity party". She is completely legit. And classy. And they couldn't have picked a better person to kick off their campaign about appreciating the bodies that God has given us. She bore such a powerful testimony that God answers prayers and that He is so so conscious of everything we go through. It sure was a great evening.

So, if you haven't joined the Nie Nie bandwagon, just do it! And start with this video. I swear I cry every time I see it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Offend Me

You may laugh as I write this, but I don't get offended that easily. Ok, maybe I should say I don't get SERIOUSLY offended that easily. And I think it's safe to say that I would never get offended enough to leave the church or stop talking to my family or something ridiculous like that. But today was the second time I de-friended somebody on facebook for saying mean things about BYU (they aren't even students here!). So, I guess that's how you offend me then: say stupid things about BYU on facebook.

I get mad at BYU. I make fun of BYU. When my fellow classmates do it, even publicly on facebook, I don't get mad. And you know why? Because we go here! We have the right to do that. All those dumb haters (who probably applied and got rejected) have no right! I don't go putting on my dumb facebook status all the ridiculous things about the U of U just to cause a reaction, so if you do that about BYU....I get mad.

Just for fun I will tell you about the times I de-friended these dummies for bashing my school. The first was right when I got back from Romania. One of my "friends" wrote me and was like, "welcome home, what are you going to do now?"

I said, "well I start BYU in a week or so."

His response: "oh, I thought a mission would have helped you learn a little sense to not go back to that dumb school. jk."

JK?! Well, you know what I am not "jk"ing about? De-friending you!! (And it's not like we were even friends in real life either. I hadn't spoken to him in two and a half years so no biggie if we're not facebook friends that's so important anyway.)

Second time: this morning. I am already upset about BYU football: they let us down once again yesterday and it's still a sore subject. Then one of my "facebook friends" puts up some idiot status about crappy offense and crappy defense and a lack of purpose as a university equaling BYU football.

Oh no you didn't. DE-FRIEND. (once again this was someone that I haven't talked to in years, so no biggie)

Maybe I am being irrational but I don't care. Luckily most of the readers of this blog are pro-BYU (except for kimmy and jake burch) so I don't have to deal with anti-BYU ridiculousness on my own blog. But if it starts to happen (kimmy and jake: be warned) I won't hesitate to block it on this site. There will be no BYU hating on this blog if I have something to say about it!

So anyway, that's my Sunday evening rant. I still love you. K bye.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Two Years Ago Today

September 24, 2008.

I began my oh-so-good life as a missionary. So September 24 two years ago really was one of the longest days of my life, and the next day was even worse. But man, I loved living in this place. I didn't have a care in the world, except for that distant thought that one day I would have to approach strangers in the street and speak to them in a foreign language. But besides that, all that was expected of me was to study, soak up the spirituality, and eat. I didn't even have to clean up after myself!

The one not so good thing: I had to wear clothes like that (see above).

Happy weekend. I love you all.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

BYU International Cinema: Third Time's NOT the Charm!

BYU really has a cool thing going for them, and that is International Cinema: Three foreign films a week, free, and the raunchy ones are edited. Along with some of my favorite people, I made a goal to go to international cinema at least once a week. And we have succeeded so far!

Week one: Il Postino. It was a charming little Italian movie.

Week two: Babette's Feast. This one is my favorite so far. I highly recommend it. It's a Danish film about a French woman who shows an isolated Puritan community on the coast of Denmark the wonders of good food. Kind of sounds like "Chocolat", but I thought it was better. And I was salivating for that delicious French food. In the words of Liz Lemon, "I want to got to there!"

Week three needs a little explanation as to why I wanted to see the film that I did. Years ago (three and a half, to be exact), I found myself in the wonderful land of China. Our last stop before heading home was Hong Kong, and being the broke volunteers that we were, we found a cheap hostel on the internet. The location was ideal, and it was the best priced for sure. It was located in this building:The ChungKing Mansions.

Can you say ghetto?! And it was. The bottom floors were full of porn stands and other stores, and crammed with people of all nationalities. The owner of our hostel even refused to let the big black guys into his hostel (maybe it was because they were shady, or chinese people are racist. Probably both), and when we told a lady in the Hong Kong ward where we were staying she asked, "HOW did you end up staying there?" So yeah, it was kind of shady. Turns out, there was a movie made inspired by the ChungKing Mansions, and all of its ghetto-ness.

Enter movie #3: Chungking Express. This movie was on crack. What started out as a mystery thriller about a drug deal going down in the ChungKing Mansions completely changed plot and characters half way through, with no connection between the two whatsoever. And what killed me was the second "plot." Girl works at restaurant and gets crush on cop (who was actually a hot chinese guy: those are rare in my opinion) who is still sad over past girlfriend leaving him. Girl starts breaking into cop's apartment everyday and does all kinds of things: re-decorates, waters his plants, dances around, changes the labels on his canned goods... I told you, this movie was on crack! Then cop finds out and instead of being totally creeped out, he asks her out!! Does that even work?! Maybe I should try doing that and guys would start asking me out. Oh wait, I am NOT going to do that because I'm not crazy.

Well, moving on. I can say one positive thing about the movie and that was the soundtrack. Particularly the cantonese version of the Cranberries song "Dreams."

This clip is seriously the most crack head part of the movie. Watch it, it's funny. And in case you were wondering if that was for real, YES, she is slipping him something in his water, and yes, she is searching his bed for bugs (I think).

I don't get this movie!! Maybe I'll stick to the European ones for next week.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

While My Music Downloads...

I am starting to use all those itunes gift cards that I got for my birthday. First item of business: Kate Nash! I love her. I love her lyrics which are kind of hatin' some times, but since she has a cute british accent while she's hating (mostly on boys) it's not so bad.

And the even better news is that Kate Nash is coming to SLC...and for only 10 dollas! I love it when things like that happen. Anyway, I'm trying to be all bloggy, but I don't have much else to say right now. So just watch some Kate Nash.

BTW-Why is the video spilling over into my other stuff? I need an experienced blogger's help. Fix it!

Loves, Annie

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Bestie Dinner Series

A couple weeks ago, I was finally able to meet for din din with one of my besties, Kelsy. We had to plan a week in advance so we could arrange accordingly, and meet in Draper, half-way between SLC and Provo, where we both live, respectively. Life is hard when you're still in provo, and your bestie is married with a job in slc! We are both so busy, but we made it work and it was so fun chilling for hours reminiscing and gossiping.

Kelsy was my bestie roommate at Dixie...we worked so hard to get those associates degrees!!

And then we went on to bigger and better things at BYU...but still played a lot. (mostly at football games)

Those were the and kelsy together....byu winning...

I love Kelsy because she hasn't fallen off the face of the earth after she got married and I went on a mission. She loves what I love, like midget hot chocolate, cafe rio, and 30 rock. She is da best!

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's a Funny Story

My mom got to teach the always delightful lesson topic of "procreation" yesterday for her 12 year-old young womens class. Ha! I remember those days of what I swear was a monthly lesson about marriage, chastity, virtue, etc, etc. And if you had asked me right when I turned 12 what chastity meant, I don't think I could tell you. (Or maybe I knew...sometimes I am smarter than I give myself credit for!) But whether I not I knew what chastity meant when I was twelve years old, there is no doubt I knew what it was after 6 years in young womens!!

Six years worth of awkward class lessons, awkward combined classes with the bishop, awkward firesides and "standards nights," awkward efy discussions....I can go on forever! Young mens/young womens serves a lot of purposes, and one purpose that it definitely serves is teaching you what chastity means.

So yesterday in preparation for her lesson, my mom turns to my dear 12 year old brother and asks, "do you know what 'chaste' means?"

He confidently answered, "yeah, like 'he chased me down the street!'"

He may not have known then, but he sure does now, and probably will never forget.

But I will cut him some slack for not knowing because a) he's twelve, and b) at least 80% of the people I taught on my mission (male/female, young/old, chaste/non-chaste) did not know what the word chastity meant. And then there was even that one time when a member said in a branch family home evening that the word of wisdom is "the wisdom we get from reading the word of god." A random side note but funny all the same.

The end!

*And for the record, I am proud of my mormon upbringing and for all the hours spent in young womens learning about chastity, the word of wisdom, and many other things. It has served me well

Friday, September 10, 2010

Some of My Friday Thoughts

I am glad it's Friday. This week felt long, but it was a short week! How will I make it to my next break at Thanksgiving?!

I am glad I get to wear jeans to work on Friday. I am lamenting the wasting away of my favorite pair of lucky brand jeans, but I am wearing a new pair of levis, and I think they were a good choice. They have a lot to live up to!

Why do the dancers in the Richards Building bug me so much? This might all be just in my head, but I swear they just think they are the shiz, and they act like it. Especially the guy dancers. I try not to dislike them, but they (this time I mean both male and female dancers) are always in my way, thinking the hallways are all theirs to practice in. The nerve! I should pray for patience, but I don't really want to have patience for them. So I guess I should pray to want to pray to have patience for them. We'll see.

Well, I'm glad it's Friday. That will give me two days without dancers all up in my grill (I hope). And I can wear my jeans to my heart's content. At least until Monday. Happy weekend!

Loves, Annie

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One More Thing...

Joining with me in the Labor Day festivities was this swell guy, who thinks I am brilliant (ha! don't ask me how I fooled him!). Here we are in front of the Guggenheim, another architectural masterpiece of Frank Lloyd Wright. Good times.

One Last Hurrah

Hey hey hey!

Happy post labor day, and I hope your weekend was fab like mine. It was a good way to end the summer. I headed out to NYC and it was perfect. So, basically, New York City is an explosion of amazing food. It's easy to get carried away. And I did.

Exhibit A: Serendipity

Exhibit B: Little Italy

Exhibit C: China Town Fruit Stands

And not pictured: Magnolia Bakery, and the charming pizza place in Hoboken, NJ, and Dominican Food, and I hesitate to mention anything else. But let me tell you, I have no regrets because it was all great. But, add that to a whole summer of eating and playing, I got me a lot of work to do! I need to start exercising again. And I have been putting it off, but this time it's for real. I'm getting a muffin top. And every time I think, "oh no, I think I am getting a muffin top," the 30 Rock lyrics pop into my head

"My muffin top is all that, whole grain, low fat
I know you want a piece of that, but I'm just here to dance!"

Well, this has got to stop. So, I will start exercising, I swear. Luckily I am short, so within a few weeks, I should be good to go. Meaning, I will hit the weight I want, call it good, but have to start the routine again if I gain it back. That's how I roll. At least until my metabolism really slows down, then I might have some trouble on my hands! Well, I'll think about that when the time comes. In the meantime, I will continue enjoying fabulous italian food and gourmet cupcakes. I encourage you to do the same.

Love love love,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Relatively Successful Week

I am at work and a bit on edge because Mr. Brian Stokes Mitchell is in the building. I'm not lying when I tell you that I included in my morning prayer that he would come into my office today (he is putting on a master class for the music dance theater students---the department I work for). Seriously, this guy is so talented and I want to just hear his deep amazing voice. I'll stop now before I get carried away. In case you don't even know who he is, do yourself a favor and watch this:

Hello, talented.

I wish I could go to his sold-out concert tomorrow, but alas, it is sold out, and I am going out of town. Nothing to complain about, but I feel like I am missing out on so much this weekend!

School started this week, and while I am disappointed I didn't quite get the classes I wanted, I think it will all be good. And I only made a fool out of myself two times that I know of. The first time when I went to the wrong classroom (I was already late), sat down and realized that I was in the wrong class and had to get right up and walk out. That's a first for the Annie Book of Embarrassing Moments. And then, the second one was just your regularly occurring tripping on the Richards Building Stairs ( I was alone, naturally, so what do you do?). But this one has happened enough that I have learned how to cope.

Wait! I just thought of another one. I was riding my bike to the library, and I went over a pretty regular size bump that managed to fling my notebook onto the street, papers going everywhere. That was fun too. Oh, man. I wonder if I will ever not be so awkward! And the funny thing is, these kind of things only happen to me on BYU campus. The place where everyone is always watching and scrutinizing everybody else. Let them laugh. Whatever.

Welp, I hope your week was less embarrassing than mine. Happy almost weekend. I love you all!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Double Takes

At the end of my favorite movie, "Everything is Illuminated," Elijah Wood (aka Frodo's) character returns to the U.S. from the Ukraine and sees the people that he met in the Ukraine in the faces of the random people chilling around the U.S. airport. And this is just another reason why I love this movie. Because it happens to me ALL THE TIME. It's been happening to me for months. Four months, to be specific. Since I stepped off the plane from Romania in April.

I would see faces of investigators that I taught. I would see the faces of the obnoxious teenage boys that would hang out in my neighborhood (the bloc boys, as I lovingly call them), and many others. And for a while, it had kind of stopped. But now that BYU campus is now jam packed with people, it's been happening again. It's so weird, seriously! I stare at people and think "where do I know you? oh yeah, you look just like so and so in Romania."And then, "oh...Romania." sigh. I feel just like Jonathan from Everything is Illuminated, and when it happens, it makes me miss Romania so much. But I don't want it to stop.

Wouldn't it just be nice if in those very moments I could just go over there and see those peeps and chat for a bit? That would be sweet. If only!

So I guess the moral of this story is that I miss Romania. And I want to go back. Anyone want to go with me?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drama at the Wal-Mart

I really should just delete that last post, because it's just evidence at how easily I give in and contradict myself. Not 15 minutes after I wrote it, I changed my mind. I stayed awake and at about 11:30 headed down to Wal-mart to go get that dang book. When I showed up, there were only 5 other people waiting, so I went and picked up some items. When I came back, there were almost 15, and then word got out that Wal-mart only ordered 25 copies. What the?! Not cool, Wal-mart.

More and more peeps came, and word got to them that they might not get a copy. I think everyone was wondering, "how is this all going to go down? is it going to be nice and orderly or is it going to be a big hot mess?" Well, at least I was wondering it, especially because I was in the first 25 people, for sure!

Then it got more intense. At 11:55, some Wal-mart lady came and was like, "umm, they're going to be distributed in the electronics section, at the back of the store." All those people behind me start booking it back there. And as I was speed walking/almost breaking into a run to the back I thought, "oh no, I'm one of those people!!"

Sure enough, the people behind me were now in front, and the people that had waited a good hour were at the back. Talk soon erupted in the line about how those poor folks in the back should be in the front and "those bi****s" at the front need to be behind everybody. I was thinking, "oh no, it's goin' down!" but then the Wal-mart lady came and settled it, and those people who had waited received the first copies at midnight, and yes, I got mine too! So it was a bit anti-climatic I guess. But I heard that Barnes and Noble had a much more classy and organized book distribution. Sometimes I forget that Wal-mart is not like other stores. They do whatever they want. But even so, only ordering 25 copies? Come on.

Well anyway, I only read the first chapter last night, but it's so far so good! Happy reading to all of you that are hooked like I am.

A Few More Hours

I have been planning for months to go pick this bad boy up at Wal-Mart when midnight rolls around. But, I am ridiculously tired (even more ridiculous after I tell you that I took a three hour nap today) and I have to wake up early for work, and the temptation to read it all night would be too much, so I think I am just going to hope and pray that I can just pick one up tomorrow afternoon. Please, if you get it before I do (Jennifer), don't give any spoilers! Thank you very much. Good night.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Working Girl

After many months of not working, and seeing the money I had left after the mish quickly disappear, I finally got a job! Not really a new job, but my old job at BYU that I had before I peaced out to Romania. I was very happy, naturally, but I got so used to the concept of post mission freedom, that when thinking about what I could do tomorrow, I would think "whatever the heck I want, because I CAN!" (I soon realized that your options to doing whatever you want become more limited and sometimes less fun as you have no money! Thank goodness for free events and parents).

Anyway, I am back at work, and it does feel good to have a job again, although I sure did love spring term of school without having to worry about work. I feel productive (except for the many slow times at work where my facebook and blog-stalking abilities are getting better by the moment), and I feel some much needed hope that I will be getting pay checks once again! So, to my dear friends who actually read this, keep your blog posts coming, because I love to read 'em!

And for a random side note, this week has been amazing as far as entertaining goes! I totally got hooked up and got to go to Dave Matthews Band this week and man do they put on a good show. AND I got to see the Lion King last night. That show is an artistic masterpiece. Fork over the cash and go see it because it is absolutely amazing.

I love you all. Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Original Conjuring Cat

I love the musical "Cats." SO MUCH. And I really can't explain why. So many people hate it for its lack of plot, strangeness, etc, etc. I know it's weird, and doesn't have much of a plot, but I love this show!

So of course, if Tuacahn is doing it, I am there. I love Tuacahn, and I loved working there (I have shoved all those awful memories of being pelted by bugs and grasshoppers while trying to play the violin to the back of mind) so I try to go every year. We went last week, and for the record, Cats was way better than their other show Tarzan. And the highlight of the night was this:

We got to meet the magical Mr. Mistoffelees! My favorite of all the cats. Camille's face clearly shows how she felt about it. She is a member of the Cats hater club. But you can't hate on it until you have seen it.

If you get the chance, see it! And take it for what it's worth. Just some good cat fun, with fun music, and great choreography.

love love, annie

Nobody Likes You When You're 23

Well, at least these people do!

I am slow, because my birthday was 2 weeks ago, but it was fab. I am happy to say that a lot of people like me, even though I may be 23! And the first few weeks of being 23 have been pretty dang good. More posts to follow about all that.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Much love, annie

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Would You Read My Blog? Would You?

I have made the pivotal decision to become a blogger. Life changing, I know. I have had many fears about this, including the stigma that seems to exist that you have to be married and have kids to have something to blog about. BUT, after much time spent as a blog stalker (don't judge, you do it too), I have realized that there are tons of cool single peeps that have interesting lives that blog. So I hope I am cool enough to join them!

Starting a blog is a big choice, people! And there are all kinds of things weighing on me. What to call it? Is that original enough? (I named it after Ben Folds Five's Song "Annie Waits", btw--"Annie Writes"--get it? ha.) What if I start a blog and no one reads it? Then it's just an on-line journal. Is that pathetic? And what to write about? It needs to be interesting so people will keep reading. So much pressure!

But I will try to throw all my fears aside, and just go for it. Wish me luck.

So, internet, here I come! And to the 4 or so people that might read this, I hope you enjoy, and know that I love you lots!

Loves, Annie