Thursday, March 29, 2018

My J Says

His language is expanding...and he has a lot to say! I love writing these funny little things down. Most of these will read as a conversation. Just assume I'm the other one in the convo ha
"J, what are you?"
"My mommy and papi call me Joseph sometimes"

"Mel Mel, why you drink all my root berry??"

"That toy for sisters. Not for boys."

"What did you learn about at church today?"
"Oh, about Jesus or something."

To his friend Lucy when her and her fam were visiting:
"Lucy, don't say no to your papi!"

"Mommy, come wipe my stupid butt!"

At Christmas time when my sister asked him what else he wanted for Christmas:
"Just the power wheels from Walmart. We don't have a lot of money." 
(???? I had never said that to him hahahaha)

"Mommy, when is my baby sister coming?"
"I don't know, Heavenly Father decides that."
"I going to tell Heavenly Father I want a baby sister."

"K Dom, you going to get married. And I going to stay in the car. Ok you're not getting married so we going to Chuck E Cheese's instead."

"The ocean pulled down my swimming suit!"

"What did you learn about at church today?"
"That Jesus died for Easter eggs."

Me: "Why is my dress so wrinkled??"
"You got poop on it?"

"Mommy, how come the store with drinks and yummy cookies not in California?"
Oh Swig, we love you haha.

"Mommy, I want a pet."
"What kind of pet?"
"Maybe a fishy."
"How about a kitty?"
"No, they too wild."
 Stay tuned to see what else he says. You never know!

Here are some others if you are interested. Love this little boy!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Finally decorated my master bedroom! And a few other areas of my house...

Our master bedroom has vaulted ceilings so I really didn't know how to decorate above the bed so pictures or mirrors or whatever didn't get dwarfed by this big wall. After a couple months living here I saw a few ideas on pinterest and from Joanna Gaines to put a wall to wall shelf. But I didn't want it to be a knick knack shelf. I had seen on pinterest to decorate with plants. It looked so classic and relaxing! Our room has a balcony with a big glass door so it gets pretty good natural light so I finally decided to go for it! I don't have a before, but you can imagine. 

And the after!
Victor and I built this shelf. When all is said and done it was pretty easy. But in the moment trying to find wood, measure and hang up correctly etc., it feels like a pain. My friend Mickelle helped up hang it, because it is sooo long--almost 13 feet! I bought the plants after it was hung, and noticed an immediate difference in the room. I love love love it. 

My favorite part of the room is the view: our backyard is big and has a hill of trees on a back hill, so I can pull the curtains back and not worry about people looking right down into my room. That's the number one reason why we wanted this house.

Over the last few months, I have slowly but surely been decorating and it is pretty much done. A few of my favorite spaces:

The little kitchen nook with my plate wall.
 The front living room:
 The family room:

And the boys room. Love their colorful happy room. And I love that they love spending time playing in here. In our cottage, their room was in the back and secluded so they never naturally went in there.
You can see my dining room in the post I did here.

Anyway, there you go. Making a house a home is one of my favorite hobbies.

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Flower Fields!

I've been dying to go here for a couple years. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are in bloom from March-May every year and it's just acres and acres of beautiful ranunculus. It was so heavenly! I would probably go there every day if I could.

 ^^It's getting harder to do this everytime^^

Anyway, you should go to this! It costs money which is probably my only complaint. They also had a sweet pea maze that the boys loved and smelled amazing, and also a really cute playground park. So basically, my boys loved going too. It was a beautiful afternoon with my little family. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Highlights from Hawaii!

Hello! Long time, no blog. It wasn't intentional. Time has just been passing too quickly these last few months. 

So, first off, Victor was gone for a few months--off on a boat cruising around the world. He was gone for Christmas which made him sad. We missed him. He got back the end of January, so a couple weeks later he took some time off and we went on a space a adventure to Hawaii. My dear friend Sarah Holden was getting married, and I wanted to go just the two of us, but softy Victor really wanted to take the boys, and fly space a so we wouldn't have to pay for tickets haha. He convinced me, and I'm happy to say it all worked out and we had a great time on Oahu. 

The weather was not as ideal as the last time we went to Hawaii, but we still had some good days, and did a variety of things. Hiking, boogie boarding, snorkeling, and lots of eating. We also got to see a few friends that live there, and of course, celebrate the wedding of Sarah on the North Shore which was gorgeous!

Sorry that the "highlights" is actually a bunch of pictures I can't help myself!
 We went to a luau at the Hale Koa (military) hotel and I would highly recommend it. Great price and the food was delicious and the activities were fun. We told J we were going to a Hawaii party and he loved it. Getting them matching resort wear at the Navy exchange was a great idea. Such cuteness!

 A big chunk of our time was spent looking at fish in various places. They were obsessed. Talk about random!
 I had so many acai bowls and it wasn't enough ha

The happy couple! Such a beautiful wedding and so happy for our friends. 
The boys had the BEST time spending time with the Tyners, our friends from Okinawa. They watched our boys during the wedding stuff, and then we had an amazing North Shore day playing with them the next day. 
Before taking off on a flight the next day, we spent the night on Ford Island and checked out the memorials of the USS Utah, which I had no idea was a still partially submerged ship. It was surreal and somber, and the USS Oklahoma and the Missouri.

I was sad to leave. I sure love Hawaii, and my boys, especially J, love vacations! I'm grateful they do great in hotels, and while Dom is still in a frustrating two year old phase, overall we still had an amazing time. So glad to have had such great family time, especially after Victor had to be away from us for a while.