Friday, April 25, 2014

I'm Mrs. Brightside

^^just some of my recent happy thoughts from my iPhone^^

You know what Monty Python says: "Always look on the bright side of life."

Or, good old Bing Crosby:"When you're worried, and you can't sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep."

Well, we've been doing a lot of that lately.

 Or in our case, we are counting our blessings instead of Balinese cows that are sacred to the Hindus and roam the streets ha. 

We are not in Bali, as we were supposed to be. It's a major bummer. Due to negligence on our part, we didn't realize Indonesia will refuse to let you in if your passport isn't valid for at least six months. Victor's expires in three. We found out the day we were supposed to leave, and it sure has been a letdown. 

But there's nothing like a situation like this to help you see what's really important and realize how much there is to be grateful for. 

We didn't have to cancel our trip because of a death of anyone. We didn't have to cancel because of health issues or because of an emergency with our baby. We didn't have to cancel because we couldn't afford it or because Victor had to deploy. I have a husband that loves me and we still have this time this next week to just spend together. 

After last minute regrouping and cancellations and feeling so bummed out that our plans went so awry, I only have to read that last paragraph and remind myself again just how ridiculously blessed we are.

So, Bali is postponed. Our private villa we had planned on staying in is holding our deposit with the plans that we will return. And our airfare: well, we are still working on that. If we don't get it back, goodbye tax return ha. We will go to Bali later this year, and it really will be a literal babymoon, because we plan on taking our baby with us, which is a crazy thought! Our itinerary and plans we made would work just fine with a baby anyway. 

After playing the space a game for a few days (another frustration since after the Bali disappointment we really just wanted to throw in the towel and go to Hawaii), we ended up in the southern part of mainland Japan, and we are just going to relax, explore, shop (ikea! h&m!), and go to the temple :) And just enjoy the opportunities we have to be together in this part of the world. 

Anyway, that whole counting your blessings thing and looking on the bright side really does work, you should try it sometime! ;) That's not to say you can't have your moment of disappointment (which obviously I had, because crazy lady pregnancy hormones are real!)

So I hope you all have a good weekend. Thanks for reading! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Six Months, Six Pictures, and Six Pregnancy Things

1. Names: So, choosing a name is hard. Especially choosing a boy's name. I think we are close to agreeing on a name, but I don't want to commit to anything until the birth of baby boy.

2. Cravings: No crazy cravings, but lately my sweet tooth has totally come back. I crave cookies, cakes, candy, chocolate, popsicles, you name it. I try to exercise self control though so I don't blow up like a balloon since I'm already doing that without the help of sugar.

3. Nursery: Coming together, bit by bit. I have a lot of sewing projects lined up, but I still need to order fabric. It's a bit of a struggle to decorate it the way I want without breaking the bank and working with what is available to me on this island. But I'm enjoying it, and have some refashions to show you too!

4. Maternity Clothes: I've been getting mostly dresses considering it will be getting pretty hot here pretty soon. It's all on-line though, since the maternity clothes on base are hideous. Some stuff at Japanese stores though.

5. Registry: I started one on amazon as a way to keep track of the things I need. So many things to think about! It's a little overwhelming.

6. Babymoon: My favorite part! Victor and I will be spending 8 days in such a dreamy place: Bali! I think Victor is more excited than I am: he definitely deserves a vacation too. We leave in one week. It really does feel like we are planning another honeymoon ha ha.

Hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Twenty-three Weeks at Gala

^^My baby daddy! Making an appearance in my prego pictures^^
I still feel like these photos are not an accurate representation of what I really look like ha. I mean, that first pic compared to the one with Victor? It's not consistent! Maybe it's just in my crazy pregnant girl head. So why do I keep posting them? Because this place is just so darn beautiful. I love this little island. 

I'm starting to feel limited by my current "condition." I know it's just going to get worse, but it's a hard thing when you're used to your healthy body doing whatever to now finding yourself feeling like an old lady. I called Victor yesterday and he was all "why are you out of breath?" My answer? "I'm walking." Makes me feel lame. 

Besides those small things, I actually find myself feeling more and more proud of my body for being able to do what it's doing right now, and feeling grateful that my body has given me this fairly easy pregnancy thus far. Never have I been more conscious of the separation between my spirit and my body, and so often in my thoughts and prayers, my spirit is thanking my body for holding up like a champ. It's pretty amazing what our bodies can do. Like grow an entire new human. That's pretty sweet. I like to remind Victor how much my body is doing during the day, even if I'm chilling in bed ;) 

Anyway, there you go. Here's to another week of growing a baby!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fields and Fields of Irises

^^Kijoka Falls, a sacred site in Ogimi Village^^
I don't think irises are the most beautiful flowers out there: and they are definitely not the best smelling. But, I have a sentimental attachment to them, not to mention when you drive up and see acres of that beautiful purple, it really is a beautiful sight. And for a dollar a bunch, I took some home and have loved seeing them bloom, despite the unpleasant smell ha ha.

My mom grew purple irises alongside our house and they always were in bloom around Memorial Day. We picked the irises and put them together in arrangements to take to our family grave sites for the holiday. My parents' grandparents whom I never had the chance to meet and other family members as well. I never met them, but I have visited their graves many times with irises, and it helps me feel connected to them somehow, and I felt that connection again as we visited the iris fields.

I enjoyed watching General Conference today and hearing it reinforced once again of how important it is to make those connections with our ancestors. Thanks to diligent family members, my family tree goes back for generations and generations, so there is not much for me to do as far as research goes. So instead I can research their life stories and experiences, and here from the beautiful fields in Okinawa, I can remember my visits to them to bring them irises :)

Happy Sunday, everyone. And happy spring!!