Monday, April 18, 2016

Earthbound Farms and a Photo Gallery of Trying to Take Pictures with a Toddler

On Friday we were driving around in Carmel Valley and we decided to stop to enjoy Earthbound Farms since it was a gorgeous day. I had no idea that Earthbound Farms was based in Carmel--after all these years of buying their stuff at Costco ha. But it is the loveliest place, that I have been to several times now. Lots of gardens, including a snip-your-own herb garden and a fun kids garden. It's great to let kids run around and explore, which is exactly what J wanted to do. He did NOT want to take any pictures with me. Sad day. Good thing I have a new baby to take cute mommy and me photos with, until he doesn't want to either!

^^How J wants to be photographed.^^

And how he doesn't want to be photographed:
 I don't know why I kept trying. We had a good run, me and him, of adorable pictures. Will the day ever return where he will take pictures with me?? I hope so. Until then, I'll try to stop spending so much time getting my instagram-husband to get the perfect shot ;) (if you don't know the reference then watch this. so funny.)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Monterey Wildflowers

I was telling my mom (in a persuasive argument as to why she should come visit me soon) how Monterey is so beautiful right now. There are all types of gorgeous flowers that just grow naturally all over the place. Like just growing on the sides of the freeway and stuff. So my mom was like "well take some pictures of them!" I have already posted about the wild calla lilies that are in bloom all over the place, and here are some more of another favorite I have been seeing all over: gorgeous blue lupines. 
We found this little spot just driving off the beaten path, and as soon as we got out, J was off. He was in heaven just running and tripping through this field. It was so fun just seeing his excitement to explore. It was a struggle to get some pictures with him, but he indulged me for a few. 
 ^^my favorite thing to do: take pictures in flower fields with my babies!^^
 ^^and my favorite kind of photo bomb^^
 This picture captures what I love so much about this little boy. He is such a joy!

Thanks to my Victor for taking these pictures. I wanted him to get in for a few, but he said he needed a haircut, and it's true haha.

Ahh Monterey, you are making me fall in love with you even more with this beautiful spring. Stay tuned--I will try to do more photo shoots in more wildflowers. Hope you don't mind. ;)

So when are you coming to visit??

Monday, April 4, 2016

Four Months of Dominic

Which means time for a photo shoot! I thought about doing a side by side of J at four months, but here's the link and you can decide how alike they look. Sometimes I see the similarity pretty strongly.

Four months old! It's my favorite baby stage! Most people say six, but I love four because they are still immobile and chill, but smiley and giggly. I can still just have them sit on my lap and eat, and they don't try to grab my food ha. 

Dominic has become a very smiley baby, but I had a hard time capturing it on camera, unlike his brother. But he still is pretty dang photogenic, in my biased mom opinion. 
 ^^perfect skin and perfect little toes^^
 ^^he is looking at his brother^^
 ^^he has the longest fingers! (and feet) I already have tiger mother aspirations that he will be a concert pianist ;) ^^

This whole time I was snapping pictures, J wanted to participate so badly! So I let him up on the bed, and of course he loved posing for the camera. I know this post is supposed to be about Dominic, but this little pair of brothers is starting to be the sweetest thing ever. Dom actually giggles at J and is excited to see him in the morning. This is A LOT of progress from the first few months of their relationship ha!
Dom had his four month checkup this morning and while he is skinny, he is tall, which I am so happy about, since I am such a shorty. I just want tall kids. He has a hotter temper than J did at this age, that's for sure. It's still a constant adjustment for me, but things are good. I am just grateful that he is healthy, happy, and seems to love being in our family.

While he likes J, Dom definitely loves having one on one time and attention. He gets so happy when J is napping or if he is running an errand with Victor. I joke that J is my motherboy, but I am pretty sure it is going to be this kid, because most of the time when we are at social functions J acts like he is too cool for me. And he probably is. But Dominic looooves me! I love it.