Friday, April 29, 2011

I got sucked in

I just have to say that I am now obsessed with the royal wedding, now that it has actually happened. I hadn't cared much, but I was really curious to see what Kate's dress looked like, so I woke up at 4am telling myself I was doing it just to see the dress. But as soon as I saw the guests with their incredible hats, the beautiful Westminster Abbey, and the gorgeous Kate getting in the queen's Rolls Royce, I was hooked. I only watched about 40 minutes of the ceremony, but I can't stop thinking about how beautiful and elegant it was. All my little girl royal fantasies were unleashed once again. I REALLY want a sweet hat now. Seriously. Wedding present, anyone?

And for the record, even though Prince William has gone down on the hot scale due to his receding hairline, I thought he still looked dashing. And Kate was gorgeous.

In other news, this semester I am taking a writing class that is meant to teach us how to write in a way that is not boring and stuffy academic writing, so I am required to start a new blog and encourage people to read it. Like I said, it should be interesting and not boring, so feel free to read it please! You can find it here: I decided on this url address because a) I use Andrea in my smart people academic world because it sounds more sophisticated than "Annie", and b) it was required for the class so the professor could recognize it as our blog. Anywho, I hope you enjoy the double dose blogging of Annie/Andrea!

Happy weekend. I'm very excited about this weekend, because I get to meet someone dear to my heart. Someone who I have written about on this blog expressing my desire to meet him and be best friends with him. This is my chance! Stay tuned. Love you all.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

They've Invaded!!

Spring term at BYU is generally very pleasant. Provo is less crowded, campus isn't full of crazies like it usually tends to be, and the mood is just quiet, lovely, and relaxed: except for those two dark days when it all is interrupted.


Even as I write this from a secluded spot where I was sure they wouldn't be, I can see them from the window, and I can hear them downstairs. They're everywhere. Don't even try to go into the Bookstore. You will be stampeded by crazy crafty women who are storming in to stock up on Mommy Mormon supplies and plowing down the line to buy their pounds of BYU fudge and brownies. A girl in my class told me that the amount of brownies consumed in these two days alone totals how many are consumed in the entire semester. This is disgusting. This discourages me from ever attending Women's Conference because my dignity just can't handle being classed as one of "those women."

I know, I know. This is not how they all are. Some are actually here for spiritual enlightenment and maybe don't even set foot in the bookstore. And I appreciate them, although I can never tell them because our paths won't cross, which is a good thing.

All this talk is making me crave a mint brownie. Not until next week. Sigh.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Being a bride is magical

A lot happened this weekend.

My fiance came into town. That was fun. I fake graduated from college. That almost felt liberating, considering the fact that I have school tomorrow. Ha.

I got to go to the happiest place on earth. No, I'm not talking about Disneyland, I'm talking about St. George!! The weather was heavenly, the city was welcoming, and the food was delicious. We went to Zions and it was free which made it even happier. I love that place.
And I took bridal photos in St. George among the beautiful red rocks: a dream I have had since I lived there 5 years ago.

That was all great, but the best part of the weekend was when I was taking pictures up around the Dixie rock, and a little girl was yelling to me until I heard her, "HI PRINCESS!"

If that doesn't make you feel special, I don't know what else would!

It reminds me of the Friends episode when Monica wears a wedding gown to do the dishes, and then she convinces Rachel to wear hers after a bad day. Putting on a wedding dress somehow does wonders. Who'd have thought?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The difference between me and Scarlett O'Hara

I watched Gone With the Wind a couple of weeks ago, and really, I can't explain why I love that movie so much. But I do. Scarlett O'Hara doesn't quite meet the expectations that we usually have for the leading lady: she is selfish, conniving, and always looking out for herself, sometimes at the expense of others. Perhaps I am so intrigued by Scarlett because she reminds me of someone? Me?

I know I shouldn't be so hard on myself, or admit to the world that I am sometimes selfish. But isn't everyone? Seriously, one of the biggest challenges we face as humans is resisting the urge to be selfish. Scarlett has moments where, seriously, I can see myself saying exactly what comes out of her mouth (or I already have said it. ha), particularly some of her conversations with her love interests.

Exhibit A
Scarlett to her then-husband, Frank Kennedy: "Great balls of fire, don't bother me anymore, and don't call me sugar!"

Exhibit B
Scarlett: Oh, Rhett I knew you'd come!
Rhett Butler, her future husband: Good evening, nice weather we're having. Prissy tells me you're...
Scarlett: If you make any jokes now, I'll kill you!

Exhibit C
Rhett: Well, what kind of ring would you like, my darling?
Scarlett: Oh, a diamond ring, and do buy a great big one Rhett!

Exhibit D:
Scarlett: Rhett, would you do something for me if I asked you?
Rhett: You know I would.

I can give more, but we'll just leave it at that. My fiancée will probably recognize some of these conversations. Because they really happened. Seriously.

This may seem ridiculous to acknowledge that I am just like Scarlett O'Hara, a woman whose husband finally gets fed up with his wife loving someone she can never have so he walks out on her. That's a happy comparison. Well, let me tell you, I think I've realized why I am not completely like Scarlett O'Hara. For one thing, I am not pining after another man as I marry someone else. Nope. And as I sit here and watch this movie for the 20th time, I think that it teaches me resist the great urge to be selfish and self-centered, and if anything, it shows me what to do to ensure that my husband doesn't walk out on me either!

Conference talks and scriptures can teach you that, but so does Gone With the Wind! Man, I love that movie.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What finals do to me

Wednesday: Del Taco
Thursday: In n Out Burger (first hamburger in 4 months)
Friday: Maddox fried chicken
Saturday (tonight at my third final of the day): pizza

Why do finals make me do this?! I was doing so well. Time to start running more.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Am I related to the cupcake God?!

My dear friend Sarah has caused quite a stir here in Provo town. All about cupcake Rob, the worker at The Chocolate, the yummy delicious dessert place in Orem. Sarah included a picture of him on her blog that looked something like this:

Well, after a little facebook stalking, I discovered that Sarah wasn't too far off. He is a Greek god sent here to Provo to serve us mere mortals cupcakes. Before I saw him, Sarah said to me, you are related to him! His last name is Ostler!" My reply: not possible--I'm not related to any hot people, unfortunately.

I feel compelled to check my geneology just to make sure. If we really are related, it gives me hope that maybe those genes exist in my DNA and will emerge with my own children. One trait that we both have that makes me think that we really are related is our love of sweets. If you haven't been to The Chocolate, it's worth it for the yummy treats--and in Sarah's words "the yummiest treat being the one behind the counter."

P.S. Read Sarah's blog!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My name is Annie, and I buy things in fits of passion

Today I decided to skip my afternoon class, telling myself that I was going to use the time to write my paper and study for my test, but secretly it was because I knew that my wedding dress was supposed to be coming any day now, and I was hoping it would be today. And it did come. I anxiously opened it....and unfortunately was disappointed when I tried it on. I knew I was taking a chance with this dress. I mean, look at it.

Sooo beautiful. And so $3000 dollars. And now I'm learning that after you try on the real thing and feel the beautiful, flowing silk charmeuse, the imitation fabric used by China is not the same thing. If anything, it's very very disappointing. But, like I said, I knew I was taking a risk.

I called Josie and she ran over to see it and console me. We talked about how I would try again, this time with a different "back up" dress, and a different China dress maker. Then we went to Maglebys Fresh to console myself with chocolate cake. Next to the restaurant is a bridal store that I have seen many times but have never gone in. This time we did. I ended up trying on a dress that fit me wonderfully, and honestly, it makes me feel like Elizabeth Bennett, or Eliza Doolittle. Take your pick. Did I mention that I want my wedding to have a Victorian feel? Because this dress totally embodies that.

Yeah it was more than the China dress. (Which I plan to sell, btw) But it was still a steal of a deal. So, I was going to wait until my mom got back from Florida at the end of the week to maybe buy it, but after leaving the store and getting my dad's blessing on the dress, I began to panic. What if it wasn't there when I went back?! So, we went back to the store (after calling them asking them to keep it open a little longer) and bought that dress. No refunds. No exchanges.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Only a few months ago, I bought a beautiful pair of boots because I was waiting at the mall for the tire to get changed--I had had a kind of annoying day, and the flat tire was the cherry on top. Those boots have served me well this winter.

Anyway, I have a dress!! It is fabulous!!

And I also bought an Anthropologie top at Down East for a ganga bargain. Win win.

Homework? I'll think about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day. And I have my wedding dress!