Tuesday, July 14, 2015

California Living: A Day at Big Sur

We made it to California! And we finally have wifi so I can blog about it! It's been a long couple of weeks. Victor made the long drive from New Jersey and met me in Utah, and then we drove both cars to California. Victor's mom was with us that first week which was a total lifesaver with the baby. I don't know what we would have done without her. 

During the time of house hunting and such, we had some time to explore the area a little before Victor started school and before his mom left. We had a great day heading to Big Sur and getting a taste of it. Can't wait to go back! It was so beautiful. 

We had lunch at Nepenthe--such beautiful views and yummy food. Then we did the short but sweet hike to McWay Falls. 
 After that we decided to check out Pfeiffer Beach since reviews said how awesome it was. And for California, it was the prettiest beach I've been to, but Okinawa sure spoiled us and we were like, yeah this is ok. And I will never get used to how cold the water is!
^^Can someone please explain to me why these things are all the rage these days?^^
 ^^Before the water came in to freeze our toes^^
^^and after. Yeah, it's cold^^

We are excited to be in this area of the country. We have a lot on our list of things to see so we are looking forward to our time here. And I sure am loving the fact that my husband is on a student schedule so we see him so much more than when we were in Okinawa. So happy about that. So stay tuned for more adventures!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A little trip to New England

We covered a lot of territory in our time visiting family. While we were in NYC, we drove up to Connecticut to visit Victor's best friend Zach who is finishing something for submarine stuff with the Navy. They were living in the cute coastal town of Groton, and while we were there we went over to Newport, Rhode Island as well.
The only pictures I took in Rhode Island was of the Breakers, the huge summer mansion of the Vanderbilt family. It was lovely, and Victor missed out. (He opted not to tour it...not worth the $$ for him ha) 
^^I couldn't tell what kind of flowers these were that were in bloom all over CT and RI. When I got up close, I realized they were huge azalea bushes. Like some were as big as trees. So pretty^^
So, yeah, that's that.
But yeah, honestly, I was glad to get back to NYC. Connecticut was a tad boring. Not much to offer, and unfortunately, Stars Hollow is a fake town, otherwise I totally would have gone there! ;)

But if you ever happen to find yourself near Rhode Island, Newport is a charming place. You don't need more than a day though! The Breakers is worth the money, don't listen to Victor ha.