Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crafting Projects: Get 'er Done

When my mom was in town, she saw my incomplete projects (it's what I do best---get started on multiple things and not finish them) and pushed me through to finish some. The first things were fall decorations. I love fall colors, but I didn't really want to specifically decorate for Halloween---unless you count the dead spiders all around my entryway and patio: that can count for Halloween. So anyway, I did this little piece for my dining area, inspired by Pinterest, of course:
from Pinterest
my version
I also switched out my wreath on the front door, and bought pumpkins. Umm so pumpkins weren't as cheap as I was expecting. That was kind of annoying.

And then there was my big lamp project, which I have been intending to do for months. I originally saw it at Anthropologie for $200 (umm, no thanks!), and then I saw a tutorial for it on-line. I was intimidated to drill the holes through the dishes, but my mom was like, "just get over it and do it!" Oh, moms. Tough love helps to get things done.
the original Anthro lamp
And VOILA, the finished product!!
It's kind of taller, but for this corner of the living room, it really works. So, I'm pretty happy with it. And I didn't glue the pieces together, which means I can switch it out if I want with different pieces. Which I probably will do sometime, because that drill bit was kind of expensive!

So, that's it for now. As usual, I have a lot of other projects lined up, so stay tuned!


  1. Hey, Leslie did that same lamp! Hers looks different though because it's black and white. She put it on her blog this summer if you want to compare. :) Super cute!

  2. HOW do you make that lamp without shattering dishes?! And how much are pumpkins? I was going to get one and carve it.

  3. wow Annie, that lamp looks awesome!!

  4. Good on ya! That's pretty impressive Miss Crafty. I'm glad Kelsy said Leslie made it, I was wondering where I had seen that lamp already.

  5. @Alicia: you have to have a special drill bit for tile and ceramics. and my pumpkins were 80 cents a pound, but times that by 25, and it adds up!

  6. That is soo cool!! I really want to come see your house. I need to make it happen. The pictures you have of your house on here are so cute! Doing projects is so fun. I want to make a set of these really cool book shelves where the shelves are beautiful books. I saw it on my coworker's pinterest so I bought the stuff to make one for her housewarming party. But I couldn't get ahold of drill so I just gave her the kit to make it. But we should make them! Look at the pic on my pinterest. I got the books at a sweet book store next to Eastern Market. You would love the bookstore.

  7. Annie! My aunt Colleen was showing me your blog the other day and I stumbled upon your DIY lamp and almost died! Just that night I had walked into anthro and seen the original and was raving about how much I would love to try to re-create it, but how challenging it would be. Congrats to you on tackling it head on, it looks awesome! And I love your blog. :)