Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cape Manzamo at 39/40 Weeks

My mom is here! And it's my birthday tomorrow! And actually, it's my due date tomorrow too. Wowzers. My mom has been here for a little over a week, and it has been pretty great being able to play with her before baby comes. Despite my belly that slows me down, and my mom tearing her ACL and meniscus just 3 weeks before coming, we have been having lots of fun. 
^^ick I look like a whale! but ny husband sure looks handsome^^

I seriously can not believe I am hitting 40 weeks. I feel like this pregnancy went by so incredibly fast, and yet when I look back, I do feel like I have been pregnant for such a long time. I still need to pack a hospital bag, and we still need to put the carseat in the car, but even then, I don't think I'll ever feel completely prepared.

This will most likely be my last bump post. It's kind of bittersweet. It's fun and pretty miraculous to look back at how my body has grown a baby. Pretty amazing. Hope you've enjoyed the journey with me!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Days at Cape Maeda (37 weeks)

 Full-term, baby.

I love Cape Maeda, but visiting it on this crazy hot day with no plans to get in the water was torture. That water was perfect! Everyone else already had that idea, as you can see in the picture with all the boats and the hoards of snorkelers and divers.

Basically these days if my plans don't involve going to the pool or swimming in the ocean, then I am usually at home with my cranked up air conditioner. I feel like all dining establishments and stores are being stingy with their air conditioning so I like to order my food to-go so I can enjoy it from my own house. Classic cranky pregnant woman at its finest.

So, in other words, it's HOT!

But I'm doing good, and still soaking up this summer and these last precious weeks of freedom with my husband ha ha. Okinawa sure is gorgeous in the summer. Hope you have a great week!

xoxo Annie

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Books Read in 2014: Return and Report (Part One)

I did much better these last six months the six months prior so I'm proud of that, but I still slowed down a bit these last few months. Maybe I need new suggestions (hint hint) since I've had a few that I've started and just haven't had the motivation to keep reading. 

I wrote reviews on all of these books on my goodreads account which I wish everyone would join because it's my favorite social media that is not used by enough people. Anyway, you can still read my reviews if you're not a member: just click the thing on my sidebar. I'm just going to highlight my favorites in this post, and if you want to read a review that I don't mention, or read my full review since I'm just paraphrasing here, go to my goodreads. 
And join goodreads!
 Women and the Priesthood: You had me at Sheri Dew. Loved this book and love what she has to say. If you want to know where I stand with all the mormon feminist controversy taking place right now, just read this book.

I Am Malala: An inspiring read that also helps give a background into how Pakistan got to be such a messed up place.
I read the Divergent series before the movie came out, and man, was it pretty disappointing how each of the following books got worse and worse from the first. Veronica Roth tries, but she can't keep the momentum of the first book due to weak plots and poor writing. 
Gift From the Sea I read on my girls trip to Ishigaki Island and it was a perfect read for a trip near the ocean. It is such a great book for women. 

Wonder: Loved it. I recommend it. 

Wild: I'm including it because I am almost done with it and will be discussing it at book club this week. And I have issues with it. Overall, I just say "meh." You're not really missing out if you don't read it. 

So what has been on your summer reading lists? Do tell. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our Baby's Nursery

I thought about waiting to show you until baby arrives but I can't wait any longer! I finished my final projects, got clothes and stuff organized, and it's pretty much ready to go. I love walking by this room: I feel like it's such a happy space.

All the furniture in the room was from local yard sale finds (except the gov loaner arm chair), and most items like the rug, picture frames, shelving, globe, and the cuckoo clock were purchased from local Japanese stores. I made the baby mobile, also Japanese inspired: you know how much I love origami!

^^Victor wanted to keep the extra chair on the left in the room so more people could sit in there. It really is nice to have the extra seating^^

^^the blank frame will be for a family photo I think^^

 I knew immediately when I found out I was pregnant that I wanted a book wall. I wanted the room to be a fun "learning" space if that makes sense ha. Thus the globe, and the gallery wall with the alphabet and the U.S. map. Then I found the adorable Eric Carle fabrics (from Brown Bear, Brown Bear if you recall) and loved how they brought the color into the room.

I made two crib sheets, and two changing pad covers. The one in the pic was just a tiny bit harder than using just one fabric, but seriously, both projects were so easy. I highly encourage making your own baby bedding. It saved me so much money, and it was completely customized to what I wanted. I ended up making two crib sheets, two changing pad covers, the baby quilt, and the crib pillow for just $80.

So there you go! Now we just wait until we have a tiny person actually living in it. Then things will get real. Hope you like it!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Town (36 Weeks)

This weekend, Chatan town had a big summer festival at the beach just down the street from our house. That meant we got to enjoy fireworks every night this holiday weekend. That meant I was very happy, because I love fireworks. The festival was fun, but we didn't really stay long at all because it was just so hot and humid. But it sure was a beautiful weekend. You would never guess looking at that sky and calm water that a typhoon of death is on its way. Send a prayer our way, ok? Mostly that we won't lose power so I won't have to be without air conditioning ha ha. 

An attempt at a 36 week bump shot with the fireworks. I really feel like this week I got much bigger. Like one night my skin just was aching, and I got up the next morning looking so much different (in my own view).

Here's some pregnancy tidbits, if you care to know :)

Swelling: One morning this past week, I woke up and just like that, my wedding rings were just too small. My feet are a little swollen too, but I feel like it's probably because the heat and humidity really spiked this week.

Stretch marks: Haven't had any. I've been using cocoa butter, but I'm learning it all doesn't really matter. You either get them or you don't. I've just had a slow and steady weight gain, so maybe that helps? But side note, I love the way cocoa butter makes my skin feel.

Pregnancy must haves: All I can think of right now is my zantac and tums (life saver for acid reflux!), my little pillow I take in every car ride, movie, and church for my back, water, and my super helpful and patient husband.

Baby's size: my doctor is guessing that he is right around 5.5 or 6 pounds. So he still has some time to grow.

Hints of labor: just braxton hicks contractions, but not very frequently. I feel like I still have plenty of time, or that he might even go a little over. I hope I am right, because due to the typhoon this week, if you are 37 weeks or more they want you to go in and wait out the typhoon at the hospital (in uncomfortable conditions) just to be safe. I'm like 4 days shy of 37. So once again, pray that nothing will happen, so I can just wait out the typhoon in my own bed. Please and thank you!

So, there you go. Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day in Okinawa

It was our first Fourth of July in Okinawa: last year we were in Romania-- oh the memories! While that was great we didn't get much of a birthday celebration for our country. 

This year was wonderful. Victor made us pancakes, we packed up our beach gear and headed to a beautiful beach with our friends Anna, Logan, and Coree, which was infested with jellyfish YIKES so we packed up and drove down the road to our favorite beach where we knew there were no jellyfish ha. 

Then we ended the day with BBQ ribs and fireworks at the beach on base. Quite the fabulous day, celebrating how blessed we are to have such a great country with such a noble history.
My favorite holiday. Happy Birthday, America! We sure love you. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Newborn Cradle Refashion

After much reading/debating about what to do with baby boy as a brand new little newborn, I was really leaning toward a cradle. Mostly because my mom used one for all five of her babies and my sister used the same cradle for her baby. I'm a sentimental person, and wanted the same. Too bad my sister couldn't easily ship over my mom's so I could use it too.

But the only cradles I was finding online were starting at like $100 and the cheaper looking bassinets were still like $50. It's only going to be used for a little bit, so I did not want to pay that much. If you can't tell already, my whole mindset with all of this baby supply business is to try and get a bargain: mostly because that means more money for our travel fund ha.

Then one day I walked into my favorite Japanese thrift store and found this!

 It looks very very similar to my mom's cradle. Maybe a little crappier. But for the price tag of thirty dollars (!), I snatched it up. It was pretty dinged up, and I wasn't super crazy about the pad, but I really did like the stain of the wood because it matches our bedroom, so I didn't want to strip it and paint it.

So I gave it a good cleaning with lemon oil, then used some wood scratch touch up marker things a friend let me borrow. I covered the pad with a water resistant crib mat thing given to me by another friend, and sewed two separate envelope type covers for easy removal for cleaning.

And this is my finished product!

 I am really happy with how it turned out. I also made the minky blanket because I fell in love with that animal fabric. It's a completely different color scheme than the baby's actual room, which I like because I love the softer colors for a newborn, and that it goes well in our bedroom.

And honestly nothing makes me feel better than the fact that the total price of all of this was like $50. Yay for thrifting and refashioning!

Now we just wait and see if baby boy actually likes sleeping in it. I sure hope so.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Snorkel Date on Ikei Island

Last Saturday, I finally got to take Victor to my all time favorite beach here. I don't go there often because it takes an hour to get there, but it is just so gorgeous. We got to snorkel, swim, read, sunbathe, snack: basically everything that makes a perfect beach day. Perfect afternoon.

^^this pic cracks me up. say cheese!^^

 And a 35 week bump update for you. (I'm 36 tomorrow. yiiiiiiiikes) We are savoring these dates all we can these days.

Victor and I both have both been half jokingly complaining that we haven't and won't be able to really travel for a while. But man, when I look at these pictures and realize that we live where most people dream of for a vacation, it helps to ease the blow ha ha. But seriously. This place is amazing. We are so lucky we get to experience it.

Okinawa, we love you!