Monday, December 12, 2016

Books Read in 2016: Bringing back the book!

That post title is supposed to have a double meaning because first of all, I did SOOO bad in 2015 with reading. So bad. This year I redeemed myself although it's definitely not the longest list for a whole year. And second of all, all the books I read this year were actual BOOKS. Like, no ebooks, which has been my main source of reading for basically the past four years. This is for a couple reasons. One being that I love perusing the Costco book section and more often than not, leave with a book. 

Another reason I've been reading more printed books again is because of this book on top of the non fiction pile:
(not pictured is "The Magnolia Story" by my favorite people ever Chip and Joanna Gaines. My mom is currently borrowing my copy...something that I LOVE about printed books and not ebooks.)

Anyway, I've been reading "The Read Aloud Handbook" now that J is old enough to really enjoy picture books and ones with a basic story line. The statistics in there about the example parents set by reading books is amazing. So I've been glad that with my reading actual books rather than ebooks, my kids are seeing me reading books like they do, not just looking at another electronic device. So although I love my kindle, I plan on using it sparingly so my kids will hopefully become enthusiastic about reading as they see me reading in my free time. 
Here's the fiction pile, with a cute little hand photo bomb :)

Out of these, I recommend "A Man Called Ove." I am really liking this Swedish author, and have heard good things about his other books. And after reading "Anne of Green Gables" for the first time since jr. high school, I really think I need to make it an annual thing, because that book is such a delight. 

So there you go! Bring back the book! And give me your suggestions. I'm open to fiction/non fiction, adult/young adult. Pretty much anything...except maybe sci fi haha. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dominic at One Year

Happy Happy Birthday, Dominic!

It's hard to get in focus pictures of this kid. He just wants to be silly when I try to take these. This kid is so sassy and sweet. Such a cuddler, but such a temper ha. I wonder if he would have been like this had he been the only child. He sure gets mad when big brother takes toys from him. Or when he wants some of your food. He can hear a food wrapper from a mile away! He has the most amazing baby giggle. But He does the high pitch scream---what do I do to get him to stop??? We still love him lots though, especially his older brother. They love the wrestle, which usually involves one of them getting hurt, and then tears. It's the typical life with little boys over here, and we are loving it.

We love you so much Dominic. Glad you're in our family!