Thursday, October 16, 2014

Baby J fresh out of the bath.

I'd like to say no white comforter was harmed in the taking of these pictures. But you can only have a naked baby pose for so long before he covers it in pee. And when I say cover, I mean cover! Boys.

Oh, I love this sweet little boy. There is nothing better than a little squishy naked baby. Even Victor absolutely swoons and squeals over him during "naked baby snuggle time." My new little habit is to just strip off J's clothes and bring him into the bath with me after I have showered and he has been patiently waiting. I know I should establish the bath pattern at night to help get him ready and relaxed for bed, blah blah blah, but I can't resist bringing him in with me in the morning. He really likes it too.

 ^^tried to capture a smile but this is the closest I got. He was too distracted by the "real" camera^^

 I've totally missed the boat on those little monthly updates that better mom bloggers do. So let's do a little 2 and a half month update shall we?

Not gonna lie, things get harder as this boy gets bigger with more personality. He fights naps and he gives his papi a hard time when I go out and he is watching him. Sometimes once he goes to sleep I think "finally! I need a good long break from you! See you at 3am!" And yet what do I end up doing just minutes after I have my precious alone time? Looking at pictures on my phone that I took of him during the day and thinking how sweet he is. Ha. Parenthood is a double edged sword.

But those negative things really are only hard about 15% of the day. He is a good little baby. He generally behaves great in public because he loves new sites and scenes. He really only gets fussy when he's tired.

He also is smiling now for real! It makes me and Victor melt. It sure is rewarding feeling like we are finally getting some reciprocation of love ha ha.

I'm really just trying to soak in these precious days where he is so sweet. (and not mobile ha)

We love our Baby J!!

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  1. Not to sound like a creep-o, but I just love baby bums! He is oh so cute.