Monday, July 30, 2012

It's My Homie's Birthday!

My dear husband turns 26 today. For two whole days we share the same age, and then he goes back to being the older, more mature one. I like it like that. So, in honor of his birthday, I thought I would share with you some things that you may not know about him.

Ten Things about Victor, the Birthday Boy:

Victor loves dressing up. This isn't anything new. He loved dressing up when he was a tiny kid, and he would get upset if his parents wouldn't let him leave the house in his suit.
what 5-year-old wears a custom-sized ring?? victor, that's who
 Victor LOVES to eat. And he can eat A LOT. What you may not know is that he once got thrown out of an all-you-can-eat buffet because he was eating too much. Yeah.

Victor is a recovering road rager. Sometimes it comes out every once in a while, but I guess it was really bad when he was in high school. Apparently he and his friends would chuck bbq sauce packets at cars that were making them mad. I can't help but laugh, but I sure am glad he doesn't still do that.

Victor doesn't know how to use a microwave. He is ALWAYS asking how long to put something in the microwave, and sometimes I get annoyed, but I have to remember that never had a microwave growing up, so he really has no idea.

Victor loves his mom. This shouldn't be any surprise, but he really does. He has a close relationship with her and always treats her with respect, and he always, without fail, answers the phone when she calls, "Hola mommy, como estas?"

Victor is adventurous. He is always willing to try something new, and he loves experiencing new things. And that is why I love him so much.
I love this picture. Taken in the Dominican Republic with Victor's grandpa
Victor is a first rate parallel parker. Seriously, he has skills. I guarantee he is a better parallel parker than you are. That's just the way it is :)

Victor is a very loyal friend. He is still very good friends with guys he has known since he was five years old. I think that's a rare trait, because with most people I know, that is not the case. He always goes out of his way to help his friends, and he even is the same way with my friends.

Victor is very spiritual. You may know that Victor joined the church at the age of 17, but you may not know that his quest for religion and spirituality began as early as eleven years old. He always was going to different churches trying to find the truth, and that really shows what kind of a person he is. He  is always trying to do what God wants him to do, and he never stops trying.

Victor is very patriotic. He may have graduated from the Naval Academy, but he actually had enlisted in the Marines years before, immediately following September 11. He saw the whole thing happen from the windows of his high school, which had a perfect overlook into lower Manhattan. Once again, it shows what kind of person Victor is. What he saw that day changed him forever and gave him the determination to do his part to protect our country.

So happy birthday, Victor.
Glad you're alllllll mine!


  1. Happy birthday to Victor! I never thought about the same age for a couple days thing. I guess that is the same for Tally and me only it's 5 days not 2. And I'm glad I'm the younger one. :)

    I love the pictures of Victor and his sister when they were little. So cute. And, I'm sorry, but I can't even a little bit picture Victor with road rage.

  2. Victor sure was a cute little boy! Seriously these pictures are adorable.
    Love you guys! Happy Birthday Victor!

  3. This is the cutest post! Happy Birthday Victor!! PS...cutest little pictures ever.

  4. What a guy! Happy birthday victor!

  5. Those pictures are PRICELESS! Ohmygoodness what a cutie! Happy Birthday, Victor! I hope you made him some ice cream, Annie:)

  6. AMEN to the loyal friend part. PS: Jakob and I have had an idea for your guys' birthdays for the past 5 days but we're struggling at executing it. Just be patient.

  7. Wow, I love Victor. What a great guy. I think he should be our next president. You would make a fabulous first lady.

  8. This is seriously the cutest post ever. Happy Birthday Victor!