Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I can't live like this.

Moving day was yesterday! No more hotel living for us! The move went smoothly, and I was so extremely happy that all my dishes and breakables arrived in one piece (now just pray the next shipment makes it ok too). I have heard so many horror stories of military moves so I count myself very lucky to not have had any problems. I'm really very fond of my dishes  and would be pretty upset if they broke. Anyway.

The next shipment we are waiting for is our furniture (what little of it we sent), and for the time being, we are using government loaned furniture which we get to keep, or which we can have them take back when our other furniture arrives. This is where I get dramatic. The furniture isn't bad. It's not. But it's just bad enough for me to not be happy. I don't want it in my house!

Case in point:
Table: ok. I can live with this. It can stay.
 Chairs: NO. Get them out of here! I will probably just buy new chairs, because I have found a few options at Japanese stores for a decent price.
 The couch and chairs:
I like the shape of the couch a lot. It's not uncomfortable either.
the globe is mine and it is staying!
 But the fabric? NO. I ordered couch covers immediately. The end tables are also leaving, since mine are coming. But how I wish I could repaint the coffee table or something. Nope. Government no no.

Ooh a hutch! I've always wanted one. But not if it looks like this:

It's leaving. I know it's really not all that bad, but I don't really even have anything to put in it, so it's leaving.

This is the bedroom set, which will be staying because when my bed comes, it will go into the guest bedroom. Not bad, but not good. I already have some ideas on jazzing them up, so stay tuned.
this is your bed when you come and visit!! Don't worry, the mattress is comfortable enough.
That's me giving a thumbs down.

So yeah. Consider this your "before" shot because I hope to get this place looking not so drab and personality-less. And if you have any refashion ideas at all that do not involve actually changing the original state of the furniture, then I am all ears!


  1. It is pretty generic. At least it's decent quality. Can you reupholster the chairs?

  2. Yikes! What if you sewed a fabric slipcover for the headboard- in some awesome fabric it could look like a great upholstered piece. The nightstands... no ideas yet, but maybe they will look a little less drab with a spruced up bed. It all looks a little granny, but not in the cool midcentury way. I'm excited to see what you do with it!