Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I really dread asking strangers to take pictures of my party (whether it be me and my husband, or a group of friends) when we want a picture of the whole group. I really, really dread it. So I make my husband do it.

I also hate, and sometimes refuse, to ask for directions--mostly just if we're in the car. I pride myself in being able to navigate myself, so I refuse to do it, unless it really is a desperate circumstance. Call me a stubborn man.

My closet is in a pathetic state 95% of the time. Why can't I just hang up my clothes??

It takes SO MUCH self restraint to not engage in political "discussions" (we all know they turn into fights) on any form of social media (well, except for twitter: that's another story). I love to argue, so this can be really hard sometimes. I made a personal policy to not engage in these discussions because to me, it really isn't worth it. People that don't agree with me politically are not going to change their minds from things that anyone says, especially with how easy people spiral out of control. And that's just fine. Not everyone has to agree with me, especially on who to vote for---after all, this is a free country. So my policy is to just remove the extremists that I don't agree with from my newsfeed, so we can still be friends. I just need to remember to bring them back once the election is over.  But like I said, it's really hard for me to keep my mouth shut about it---but then again, keeping my mouth shut is just a general life problem for me.

I've been doing a lot better in going to the gym lately thanks to having a work out buddy. But I still haven't been seeing the results I want, and I know it's because of my dieting choices. Sugar, I can not quit you!! I gave up soda, which I'm pretty proud of. But I know there's more: namely choc chip cookies, snickers, and chick-fil-a shakes.

I get too easily annoyed with people.

I have NO patience.

On the mornings where I don't have anything going on, I plan my morning on watching Gilmore Girls reruns. Basically, I am unproductive until I get to watch Gilmore Girls. And then randomly, abc family will not air GG but rather stupid marathons of Pretty Little Liars in its place. And it makes me so mad! A little too mad, I admit. As if it's abc family's fault that I was lazy all morning.

I believe that I am right all of the time: "believe" being the key word here.

And...that's all for now. Until next time!


  1. I loved this post too much. I had to delete FB during the election season. I get a little too fired up about the election, and i'm glad someone else does as well :)

  2. That's my daughter!

  3. I just have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when people say Romney didn't pay his taxes or that he doesn't have a tax plan. Um, wouldn't he be in jail then, and look on his website and he has a pretty detailed plan laid out?! More detailed than Obama's. Whatev. There's my rant. At least I don't rant all over FB.

    Also, I love the closet comment. It remindes me of living with you, and Josie thought your mounds of clothes were the funniest thing ever.

  4. I used to watch Gilmore Girls EVERYDAY! It conveniently aired during my kids' nap time. Then, we decided to get rid of cable. I miss it more than words can say.

  5. I think the not hanging up your clothes thing runs in the family...

  6. I love Gilmore Girls! I record it every day and watch it when I go home. I used to watch it faithfully in college too.
    Also ditto about political discussions.. it's so so hard for me not to say anything. Specially unintelligent comments that I just want to maybe laugh about.