Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Southern Utah Couples Retreat

Going back in time here...to like last week which is weird because it feels so long ago! Before we left the States, we went on a quick trip to my favorite place on earth: Southern Utah. I have so many happy memories here: whether it's from my grandparents cabin in Duck Creek or my college years in St. George with my bestie Kelsy. I LOVE Southern Utah. It is so beautiful. It was also nice to escape the snow and freezing temperatures for a few days. 

We went with my sister and bro in law and deemed it the Couples Retreat of 2013. Technically, my niece tagged along, but since she is just so cute, we didn't mind. 
 Oh, and the dog tagged along too.
 I love how Victor carried her around. 
I love her!

 We also were able to go to Zion's National Park. I love that place. We hiked around a little and enjoyed watching the deer (Laila's favorite part)

Sisters, sisters...
 Did I mention I LOVE her?? And I love this picture.
 And I also love Dirty Dr. Peppers. We came here three times in two days. Sorry I'm not sorry.
 Until next time, beautiful St. George. And Jenn and Michael, next Couples Retreat will be in Okinawa, right???


  1. St. George to Okinawa for Couples Retreat- sounds like a MAJOR upgrade! I love how Victor looks like Laila's bodyguard and she loves it.

  2. I really think I need to try these Dirty Dr. Peppers you and Jenn keep talking about! We may do a little St. Geezy get-away this weekend. Hopefully it's warm!

  3. I also love Southern Utah. I'm glad you could go before you left! We went to Arches for our Spring Break last March because I would miss it so much after we left.

  4. Annie, I like your hair long like that! And I also love southern Utah. :)