Monday, March 25, 2013


Husband is still gone. This is what I do to pass the time:

Farmers Markets. And just retail therapy in general.
 Bike rides to the beach where I people watch and take pictures of adorable Japanese kids.
Getting pampered.
 Seeing a baby humpback whale up close. Unfortunately it was because it had washed ashore already dead, but it was still a memorable experience. Sad, but cool.
 Beach trips and treasure hunting:
 Sushi. Lots of sushi.
 And I've become obsessed with origami! I make it while I watch movies. I thought about taking an origami class here, but there are plenty of wonderful youtube instructors, like this one. This is an orgami firework. You proud??
Lots of walks. This walk left my calves sore. But the view at the top was cool. 
This place is wonderful. I sure do love it.

Have a great week!


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  1. Japan looks beautiful! Enjoy this free time that you have right now! I love the way you redecorated your place, looks lovely! Have fun!